With Christmas Coming, Are You Still Giving 100%?

So there are only 12 days until the big day is upon us, but for most of us the party season has well keyboard-1053482_1920and truly kicked off! Catching up with friends, endless Christmas parties and after work drinks, shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Slowing down and ‘taking your foot off the pedal’ always happens at this time of year. Things just get put on hold till after Christmas, which invariably becomes next year. And whilst Christmas is a time for fun and relaxation, it can have a negative effect on your business, especially if it’s still in its infancy.

This isn’t a preachy post! I am 100% guilty of doing this; In December so far I haven’t been as committed to my business as I could be. I have always embraced the run up to Christmas, I love it! It took us a whole weekend just to choose our tree, so not much got done on my business that weekend. Plus the weekend before I spent most of my time making the decorations for it!
Weekends are one of my largest chunks of times that I have to work on my business so whilst I thoroughly enjoyed spending that time on all things Christmassy, now I feel a little bit guilty because in business terms I achieved nothing!
But I am human after all, and it’s not all doom and gloom! It’s not like I’ve totally ignored my business My TreeI just haven’t prioritised as much as I could have and I must say our tree looks amazing!
Seriously though, on reflection I should have been a little more disciplined and divided my time so that I could have worked on my business AND enjoyed the Christmas season.
When your business is in its infancy you HAVE to be consistent, it’s so important. By not being consistent you (and I) are just prolonging reaching our goals and delaying our success, which will ultimately leave us feeling frustrated. Even worst, it might leave us feeling unmotivated and with the belief that we just can’t do this.

I do feel frustrated, but fortunately I’m not unmotivated and my belief remains that I will reach my goals. I just need to be more disciplined to reach them sooner.

So I’ve had a little word with myself, and today I have sat down and written a very simple but clear plan detailing what my goals are for 2018 and how I am going to achieve them.

Sometimes in this business it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and this is something I experience on a PLAN AHEAD FOR SUCCESSregular basis, so creating this plan and keeping it really simple has really helped me to regain my focus and given me and motivation injection!

I am so excited for 2018, I will be sharing my goals with you soon; I’ll do it after Christmas!
Let me know how you’re coping with the Christmas season, are you still laser focused or have you been a little bit distracted or have you have you lost all your motivation?

Either way, just keep going and lets raise a glass to the time when our business is in full flow and we can take the whole of Christmas off and still be bringing in the money!

Bye For Now 🙂

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