Why You Should Make A Content Posting Schedule


Setting up your own business in any shape or form is hard work. That includes online businesses. There is often a misconception that having an internet based business is really easy and doesn’t take much effort. This is so very wrong! Any business takes hard work and commitment. I chose a digital internet based business model because it is (in my opinion) easier than some other business models but it is not quick or easy by a long shot!calendar-1990453_1920

However there are somethings that you can do to help yourself keep on top of daily tasks that need doing and help ensure your are building and running your business with a consistent approach – something that it VITAL!

Any business needs customers and internet businesses need fans and followers too. Some people refer to it as your tribe or your audience, whatever you want to call them, you need to treat them well and provide them with regular and consistent information and content. Something I started doing when I got back from my holiday at the beginning of the month was to to create a posting schedule.

The idea of this is to make sure that I am posting something onto one of my platforms almost everyday. By doing this it keeps your brand out there, in front of potential customers, so new people are seeing you all the time but also but then they start seeing you on a regular basis. This helps to grow your own authority and create a sense of familiarity and eventually trust.

There are so many platforms out there that it is easy to get yourself out and about and seen. There are so many platforms that it can actually be a bit overwhelming! So the advice I had, and have followed, and am now passing on to you is to choose one or two and just focus on them until you’ve found your groove. Then stick to that or introduce another platform.

My posting schedule looks something like this;fa84f5b64bd6026e8fd0b8d2da301193

Mondays – Facebook page short written post

Tuesdays – Short video clip for YouTube

Wednesday’s -Blog Post (share YouTube post to FB page)

Thursdays –  Short Video for FB page (share blog on FB page)

Friday – Share FB video on Youtube

Saturday – Inspirational meme or picture

Sunday Day of rest 🙂

This isn’t set in stone, but it’s the schedule I am trying to work to. Once a month I write all the blog posts and record the videos, so they’re ready for the month. That is a long day, but it actually frees me up lots of time to be getting on with product creation and building my business.

When I started this I had

Facebook Page likes: 135 now I have 290

Blog Page Views (last 30 days): 334 now I have 309

YouTube Channel subscribers: 0 now I have 10 (woohoo!)

I started doing this on 10th May, so a little over a couple of weeks. Facebook page likes have gone up a lot, mainly because I spent $35 boosting a post for a week. I learnt a little hack that can help you get fanpage likes for a considerably cheaper price than an actual campaign to do this. I’m going to make a video to share with you. My blog page views have actually gone down so that’s not great, but hey IncomeObjective is all about the reality of building a digital business and this is the reality so no point in hiding it! Plus I have 10 YouTube subscribers, now I don’t care what anyone says, that is progress!

career-479578_1920The thing to remember in this crazy world of social media, fans, followers and traffic is that it DOES take time and energy and consistent effort and it can be really disheartening when it feels like you’re putting yourself out there and getting nothing back in return. But you have to stick at it, and i here to show you that if you do, it will all pay off. So watch my progress, tell me about yours and just keep doing doing it! I will review these stats on an ongoing basis and watch them start to grow. By making a schedule for yourself and your posting you are giving yourself a much better opportunity to get your name or our brand out there consistently and this is how you start to build your tribe and your following.

Please like my Facebook fan page and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see the types of content I am putting out there consistently and comment and let me know what you think!

Bye for now 🙂

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