Who Keeps You Accountable?


Internet marketing has many benefits, which is why so many people pursue it, but it can also be a lonely game.  You spend a lot of time 15157031117_5212d26b9e_oin front of the computer not really speaking to anyone. To create a successful online business, takes a lot of consistent effort and hard work, and when you only really have yourself to answer to it can be difficult to sustain the level of motivation needed.

When you work for someone else, there will always be consequences if you do not do the work or you do it incorrectly or of poor quality. These consequences are usually enough to motivate you to crack on and get the work done. If you only have yourself to answer to, and your business is in its infancy there are probably not going to be that many consequences if you don’t do  what you set out to do.

For example, you get home from work after  a long week, you’re exhausted and don’t really feel like writing a blog post tonight, or doing some blog commenting or whatever tasks you have set yourself to move your business forward. If you don’t do it, nothing is going to happen is it? Does this sound familiar? How often do you have that conversation with yourself where you justify reasons for not doing it tonight, you’ll do it tomorrow instead? There is no real consequence.

But there is a consequence, it’s not an obvious one or one that will have an immediate effect. The consequence is that you’re not doing what is needed in order to be successful in your internet business. The consequence of that is having to keep doing your 9-5, or never achieving financial security, or having the life style you want or desire. They’re pretty bad consequences I think.

The problem is not being accountable for your actions, with out accountability there is not enough of a consequence to maintain that much needed motivation. This is why so many people fail at internet marketing. Having someone to whom you are accountable to,  for your actions or lack of actions, is something that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

meeting-1219525_1920My mentor addressed this subject recently and spoke about the importance of having an accountability partner with whom you can connect with on a regular basis and challenged his students to get together and start doing this. 4 of us took the challenge and today we had our first meeting over Skype. It was really great to connect with other people who are on the same journey. We all stated 3 things that we will commit to doing by the time we next meet. We’ve agreed to meet fortnightly, and also started a Facebook group where we can write down our three tasks each time so we will have to be 100% accountable.

I feel really excited about this new aspect of my business, I feel it’ going to be a really valuable part of helping it to grow. That’s it for today, I would love to hear how you keep yourself accountable, or whether you have an accountability partner and what benefits it has bought. If you do not yet have one, it’s something you should really think about. Check back here to see how our group develops and how it helps our business grow.


Bye for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Who Keeps You Accountable?

  1. You are bang on Vicky. Being held accountable for what you do is a real kick to get things done. In my coaching program, I make my clients/students email me with what they have achieved each week. When we discuss on a Q+A webinar what they should do next, it becomes very obvious if they have not made progress since last time U0001f60a I also find that making a diary at the end of each day saying what I have achieved is helpful. I don’t want to go to bed with a blank page!

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