Meditation and Success


medConsistent daily action is one of the most important things you can do to move yourself forward to achieving your goals, whatever they may be. It is certainly one of the primary things I focus on in my quest for success, through blogging, Instagram, Twitter, research, speaking to people; the list is long and varied.

But is this enough?

Are there other things you can do to optimize your success? The answer is a most definite yes! I have written a previous post on having a positive mind-set and how important this is in becoming successful. Concentrating on yourself and your own personal improvement is one of the points touched on in that post, and it is this area that I would like to focus on again with this post.

My own consistent daily action has changed a bit this week as I have been concentrating on a specific area of self-development. Meditation. Now, before you groan and dismiss the rest of this post as some new age, hippy rubbish, please note these interesting points about people who meditate daily:


  • Regular mediators can be between 12-15 years younger physiologically, than their actual age.
  • People who meditate on a daily basis have been shown to have a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • People who have raised blood pressure have been able to reduce this through daily meditation.
  • Meditation has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, increasing productivity, focus, creativity and ability to solve problems.

Now it is this last statement that interests me the most. Does having the ability to increase your productivity, focus and problem solving skills, sound like something that would be useful in helping you to achieve your goals?

One of the main problems I have is being able to sit down and get on with something without becoming distracted every five minutes. Apparently this is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common since the advent of the internet.In his book, ‘The Shallows’ Nicholas Carr explores how the how the internet is changing the way we think read and remember. In it, he suggests that we are all becoming superficial and scattered thinkers because of the constant interruptions and distractions caused by the internet.

This is where meditation comes in. Meditation has been enjoying a bit of a revival in recent years, quite possibly because it appears to unnamedbe an effective solution for the problems mentioned above.

Self-development and self-improvement is something that I have been working on for a little while now, and I have been studying success and how to become successful and people who have become successful. Something that I noticed quite early on was that most, if not all of the people that I was studying, practiced meditation. All of the tips on how to be successful included daily meditation. After this kept cropping up time and time again, I felt I needed to look into a little bit more.

The thing I liked the most, was the amount of scientific research that has been carried out in this area, which provides proof and evidence of the benefits of meditation. This immediately gives it more credibility and therefore something to be seriously looked at.

So last weekend I booked myself on to a three day meditation course to see what it was all about. I have now tweaked my daily routine to fit in 20 minutes of meditation in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. It is something that comes easier than I expected as I consider myself as never having enough time to do anything. I will be revisiting this post in a few months’ time to feedback whether I feel I have become more productive, focused and better at solving problems, so be sure to check back.

In the mean time I would love to hear from you if meditation is something that has helped you move forward in achieving your goals, or whether it is something you are thinking about. Please do comment below.

Bye for now 🙂

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