Welcome 2018 – Soo Excited To See You!

Finally 2018 is here!  I love the feeling of this time of year, when it feels like a clean slate and a fresh landscape-2090495_1920start; a new opportunity to get things right! In reality you could feel like that at the start of a new month, week or day, it just somehow seems more poignant at the start of the New Year.

I am going to keep todays post very simple so that it reflects my vision for the New Year ahead. Simplicity is what 2018 is going to be about for me and my business.

Towards the end of last year I reflected on how I felt 2017 had gone and ultimately I felt disappointed. You can read about why here. So that was when I had a good think about why I felt that and what I could do change it this year.

Keeping it simple was what I came up with! Sounds a bit boring and a bit unimaginative, I know! But who says the boring and unimaginative ones aren’t the best?

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in this chaotic life, especially when you throw ‘growing an online digital business’ into the equation! I truly believe that by keeping things simple and clear you give yourself a much better chance of succeeding.

So I only have to goals that I am aiming for as we begin 2018;

That’s it! Really clear and really simple. These are going to be the only things I am going to focus on. The first goal will never change. The second goal will. Can you guess what it’ll change to? Yup reaching the ‘5 figure club’!

So how am I going to do this? Again by keeping it simple;

  • Continuing to blog weekly and post on my FB page
  • Using Quora as my free traffic source
  • Using Facebook ads as my paid traffic source
  • Sending this traffic to my funnels (one of my 2017 achievements)
  • Meditating daily and self-development daily
  • Using the Monday coaching webinar for weekly guidance, feedback and review

By taking these actions (which are not difficult or too time consuming) on a consistent and regular I will achieve my 2 stated goals. By working towards and achieving my stated goals my business WILL grow.

I have to say, it feels great setting things out like this, I would highly recommend it to anyone motivational-999247_1920wanting to move forward in 2018 and I would absolutely 100% recommend keeping it simple!

As I read and write this, I feel excited because the task I have set myself is something I know I can do, it’s not scary or daunting or filling me with doubt. On the contrary it’s filling me with excitement, motivation and determination.

If you haven’t done so already, make your declaration for what you want to achieve in 2018 and how you’re going to do it. Put it out there for the world to see! Share the link in the comments below and let’s all make some amazing progress and achieve our goals in 2018.

Wishing each and everyone one of you a happy, action packed and very successful 2018!


Bye for now


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