4 Red Hot Ideas For Writing Quality Blog Posts Quickly….!

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Hello fellow bloggers! Todays post covers something that we all struggle with from time to time; having the ability to write good quality content on a regular basis, and not taking ages about doing it. Figures show that there is a direct correlation between frequency of blogging and sales ( I read this somewhere but I can’t remember where, however this kind of information is easy to find and a quick google search provided lots of evidence, so for those of you who like reference, here you go!)


So based on that it makes sense that we should want to blog as often as we can, but without compromising the quality of the content we put out there, and still having time to tend to other areas of our business. So if you’re ever feeling a bit stuck about what to do then refer back to here to give yourself  a bit of inspiration and some ideas.

The ‘Word of Mouth’ post

This works especially well if you know some successful people in your industry, or you are well established and have an active and responsive email list. However if you do not, then there are other ways of making it work just as well. The Word Of Mouth post is training-1526246_640basically you asking a question and getting other people to answer it, then using their answers as the content of your post. For example you could email your list/contacts and ask them ‘What is the one daily habit you swear by, which helped you to achieve success?’ All you need is a few of people to get back to you and hey presto you have some valuable content to write a post about, minus all the time it takes to research your answer. Now if you do not have an email list or contacts, that is fine, you just need to take a slightly different approach. It might be slightly more effort, but not much and you can still get your content pretty easily. They way to do it without a list or contacts is to use question and answer sites such as Quora, Warrior Forum (for the IM niche) Yahoo answers, or any other forums that you are aware of in your chosen niche. Again you don’t need that many people to reply to be able to put together a decent post.

The ‘Collected Content’ post

These types of posts work well for list posts, a bit like this one 😉 but you could make them work for any post really. The idea is that you network-1020332_640chose the subject you want the post to be about, and divide that subject into however many topics. For example, let’s say you wanted to do a blog post about different ways to make money money online. You could divide the section into topics such as; kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, FBA Amazon, Ebay and Shopify. You could then spend a bit of time setting up the visual aspect of your blog under these 5 topics. You would need to create a short summary of each and some appealing pictures to go with this summary. Then you need to go off and find some websites,  youtube videos and blogs (a combination would be best) which explain in straightforward detail how each of these aspects work, and then link your summary and picture for each topic to  the more detailed information. The information about your chosen topics is already out there, what you are doing is collecting it all together in one place so your reader don’t have to. What you do need to do as part of your summary is mention who actually did the work and give them credit for it.

The ‘Motivational’ Post

This is where you collect motivational and or inspiration quotes, sayings, comments and proverbs and put them altogether in a post 14355816_10154352755950155_1725803448_naimed at inspiring your readers. You can do it on a specific subject such as success or on something a bit more general such as personal development. They might have a humorous edge to them or a moving or thought provoking edge depending on your niche. To give this kind of post that little something extra I would incorporate pictures with your words. This can work really well if you have an instagram account for your business. Here’s how I combined the two. I have an instagram account and I post motivational pictures with sayings, phrases etc to my account on a regular basis. So my Instagram followers see them. I make sure that ‘incomeobjective.com’ is on the picture too so I can drive my Instagram followers to my website. You can then use the pictures from your Instagram account to make a motivational blog post. Take a look at this one that I made a few weeks ago….

The ‘Authority Hijack’ post

Hijacking someone else’s’ authority can be done easily and above board if you do it the right way. This type of post works best with
head-826319_640video. There are two approaches you can take. Firstly you decide on the subject you want your blog post to cover and have someone in mind, who is a known authority in your niche. Then you can spend some time on YouTube looking for a video they have made on your chosen subject. The alternative, and in my opinion easier and quicker way, is to look through the videos of your chosen person(s) until you find one you think contains relevant information your readers will enjoy. On Youtube, below the video there is usually information about copyright. Check it  to make sure there are no restrictions on sharing, and then you embed the video onto your blog post. Write a little introduction about your chosen person and why they are such an authority and therefore worth listening to. Underneath the video you can right a little summary about your take on the information and how it has helped you or any other thought you have. Most people will not mind you sharing their video as long as you are giving them full credit as you actually promoting them and their brand, but if you’re ever in any doubt about whether you should be sharing, take the time to clarify it.


So here are a few things for you try out, the beauty of these suggestions is that they can all be executed pretty quickly so you can get yourself some great quality in a short space of time! Let me know what you think or if you have any other ways you use of getting good quality blog content out there….

Bye for now… 🙂


6 thoughts on “4 Red Hot Ideas For Writing Quality Blog Posts Quickly….!

  1. Excellent article Vic. This morning I was thinking of asking my FB group what they cope with regarding pain as I’m going to write an article about Chronic pain and the many reasons why people have it.

    Thanks for the great tips.

  2. You have some great ideas, I need to write these down! I definitely believe the more blog posts, the better. Do you get your blog posts out regularly?

    • Hi Ray, thanks for stopping by. I try to get out at least one a week, I have definitely noticed a reduction in traffic if i have not managed to achieve this!

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