I would like to start today’s post with a quote….




The purpose of this blog is to provide a real account and live case study of using the internet to replace my income, so that I can be financially independent and spend my time how I chose not how I have to. There is a common misconception with the ‘make money online niche’ that it’s really easy and really quick to do.

Well because this is a live case study there is no hiding the fact that this is not the case. I have never been shy in making this fact very clear, but there are lots of people/marketers/’gurus’ out there who will quite happily have you believe it’s quick and easy. So the point of this post and by starting it with this particular quote is to highlight the important factor time plays in building your online business.

This is the first blog post I have written in quite a few weeks, the reason being I have not been managing my time adequately. We’ve hit summer and so starts the social calendar of weddings, bbq, weekends away and everything else in between. Not forgetting the full time job, I have to admit I have not been too clever with my time management skills.

The reality of being a bit neglectful, even for a couple of weeks is clear to see in the hits to my website traffic. Take a look:


Now when I say I have been a bit neglectful, I do not mean I have been nothing towards my business at all. I have been spending some time behind the scenes on product creation. But I have not been doing anything to continue to promote the front end of business an continue to drive traffic to my blog. But from the stats above you can see how fragile new businesses are and how the effort you put into them needs to be consistent.

So why am I naming and shaming myself like this? Just to demonstrate to you that building an online business is not as easy as it’s made out to be. It takes time, consistent effort and daily action, as well as patience, continual motivation and sacrifice.

Time is limited so you must be wise i how you chose to spend it.

I am back on track now, and starting August, I have also dropped a day at work to dedicate to running my business. I am sacrificing the money to get the time. I hope you have found this post helpful in getting an idea about the need to take consistent action when trying to build, create and grow an online business.

Let me know what aspects of starting an online business you have found difficult and what you have done to over come this.

See you next time, bye for now 🙂


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