Time To Put An End To Shiny Object Syndrome



Are you struggling to make progress with your internet marketing plans? Tell me, does this sound familiar to you?

You find an amazing looking product, whether it be a book, a video course, an MP3 or anything in between. This product  promises to teach you how to achieve all manner of things from ranking your website at #1, getting huge amounts of targeted traffic, the best conversion rates, to making  $1000, $5000, $10,000 dollars in a few hours, days or months. Your immediate thought is ‘YES! this is exactly what I need to make it’ and of course you go ahead a buy the product. A few days or weeks later it happens again, and again, and again and on and on, you get the picture!

If this is you, you are probably;y suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome! Shiny Object Syndrome seems to be hitting epidemic proportions among the making money online community! I should know, I am recovering from a bout that has lasted a few years.  It is a term that is referred to a lot, but what does it actually mean?

Has this happened to you? Is it still happening to you? When it comes to Shiny Object Syndrome, there are a couple of important factors that keep it perpetuating.  There is the quality of the product, your own personal mind set and work ethic or a combination of both.

There can be a tendency to think that if someone is jumping from product to product and not really getting anywhere then they must be buying crappy products. There is certainly an element of truth to this. Internet marketers and the industry can have a bad reputation for being shady, untrustworthy and full of scams. There are and have been a lot of dodgy products out there that promise a lot of reward for very minimal effort. These products are ultimately a load of rubbish and do nothing to help you make any money, but do give marketer deep pockets. I like to think that this is something that is becoming less and less. There are now people who make good money testing and reviewing products and outwardly shaming the scammy ones, whilst commending the good ones. I have done a few product reviews which you can check out in my product review category. It is a good way of determining the good from the bad yourself.

4546017269_92cfdf070b_oThe good news is that there are a lot of really good, high quality and informative products out there. Unfortunately these products don’t cure Shiny Object Syndrome.  One of the biggest misconceptions in making money online is that you can do it with very little effort. People think (and in some cases are lead to believe), that they can sit at their computer and press a few buttons and the money starts to flow. I thought this for a while, as I am sure many of you have or do. This is reason why these scammy products do so well, they are relying on people to believe this, so that they will part with their money.

This is where you and your mind set come in. First off you need to learn, know or realize that to make money online, you need to put in time and effort and spend a bit of money too. You can have the best product in the world, but if you’re not prepared to put in the time and effort and action what you are being taught, then it won’t work for you. The name of the game here is commitment and focus. You need to chose one strategy and stick to it. This one strategy is where you focus your time and your energy and make it work it for you.

So pick your favorite shiny object and give it all your attention. Action what you have learnt and be consistent with it. Until you stop jumping around and half halfheartedly doing this and that, you won’t make any progress.

I feel great because this is what I have finally done. 2016 is all about sticking to one plan, developing and focusing on it consistently and watching myself (and my bank account) grow. Recovering from my bout of Shiny Object Syndrome feels great! Please check back in as I will blogging all about the progress I make and what I am learning about on a regular basis. If you have overcome a particularly nasty bout of Shiny Object Syndrome I would love to hear how you shook it, please get in touch and let me know!

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