The Quick Start Challenge. What Did I Learn?

As the Quick Start Challenge comes to an end I want to reflect on what I have learnt from going through this process. It’s not quite over yet, but the bulk of it is and I must say I have achieved more in this last month than I have in the previous 6 months!


I now have a brand new lead magnet that I made from scratch and for free. It’s a video presentation covering 5 of the most effective ways to set up and grow a successful online business.

I have a double opt in squeeze page set up, with a few videos of yours truly included, just to give a bit more information and to make the whole process a bit more personalized.

I have a very low cost, relevant and useful upsell following on from the lead magnet, with a special bonus for people who purchase it.

This is all automated and new subscribers will receive a short 7 day email campaign providing more valuable information and guidance on getting started with an online digital business.

So I essentially have a brand new funnel set up – in less than 4 weeks!graduation-2308406_1920

In order to be completely transparent, these are all things I have done before so I cannot attribute learning these skills solely to the Quick Start Challenge.
However, it was certainly a very good refresher and it is the first time I have set up a funnel completely independently.

So why has the Quick Start Challenge been so valuable? Because it has taught me a lot about myself, and what I am actually capable of doing if I put my mind to it.

Only now does the name of the training really come into its own! It has challenged me and challenged me greatly! Late nights and hours spent making things and setting everything up! Technical glitches; some my own fault for not saving my work, some just because technology is random and illogical!

But through meeting these challenges, I now have a fully automated income stream, ready to go and set up in the quickest time ever!I now KNOW I have the skill set and ability to repeat this process over and over again and create as many automated income streams as I like. And THAT there is why this has been so valuable!


SO the burning question, have I made any money from it yet?
In all honesty – No! BUT there is a very good reason for this. I have not quite yet started driving traffic to my funnel.

I said earlier it’s not quite over yet. There is a bonus training tonight and my plan is to start running paid advertising to my funnel in 2 days’ time. So I will of course be back with a Quick Start Challenge update in the next few weeks.

It’s unclear whether Dean and Craig are going to run the Quick Start Challenge again, but if they ever do and you have the opportunity to take part; DO IT!

If you want to check out my funnel then please do you can dive in right here 🙂

That’s it from me today, bye for now 🙂

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