The Quick Start Challenge – 30 Days To Success!


Welcome to the world of the Quick Start Challenge! I am so very excited to be writing this blog post and telling you about what I am going to be doing over the next 30 days to move my business forward!


If you’re a fan of my Facebook page you will know that I was due to start this challenge, as I have been posting videos about it, but this is the first time I have mentioned it on my blog. I will tell you a little bit more about what the Quick Start Challenge is in a minute, but before I do I just want to talk a little bit about ’30 day challenges’ in general and why they’re so awesome.

I started a 30 day challenge back in May which was aimed at building confidence in making videos and putting them out there on the world wide web for all to see and judge and comment on – gulp!  Using video as a way to connect with your audience has long been a proven method for building great relationships and creating trust which is sooo important when building any business but especially an online business. But this does not make it any less cringe worthy or terrifying!

Short of hiring someone to pretend to be me,  I knew I needed to take a bold step out of my comfort zone and crack on and just do it!  As photographer-1210218_1920fate would have it I got told about this 30 day video challenge which was incidentally starting in 2 weeks! It involved  being emailed a question everyday, for the next 30 days and participants would make a video to answer it,  and then post it into a Facebook group of about 8 other people. We would all do this and then comment on each others videos.

I threw myself into this challenge, I didn’t miss a day despite going on holiday in the middle of it! By the end of the challenge I was actually enjoying making the videos. The outcome was that I now regularly post videos to my Facebook page and Youtube account (please like and subscribe as I am no longer terrified of people watching my videos!).

The point being, I am a massive believer in the ’30 day challenge’ approach to doing things.  I love the ’30 day’ aspect because it means you have to be laser focused and fully committed in order to successfully get through the next 30 days. It’s not a massive period of time so the you should avoid the risk of getting distracted by other things because you will start to see changes fairly soon. Of course there is the massive component of individual mindset which plays a part in this too. You have to want to succeed and be prepared to commit and take action. But if this is you, then I believe a 30 day challenge is perfect for making progress and seeing real change!

So this is why I am so excited about having the opportunity to take part in the 30 day Quick Start Challenge. To summarise, it is a 30 day live coaching program with a goal of going from complete newbie to earning $100  a day online. That is a lot of progress in 30 days! But I KNOW a lot can be achieved in 30 days, I am living proof!

Now, whilst I wouldn’t consider myself a total newbie; I setup this blog ‘’ about 2 years ago and  I have made some checklist-2320130_1920 (1)sales on line etc,  I am not earning $100 a day, and this is a great goal to focus on and commit to over the next 30 days!

The challenge is broken down into 4 topics over the course of the next 4 weeks. I have committed to making a video for each day of the challenge to post on my Facebook page and YouTube account, plus whatever tasks are involved in the challenge itself. So to keep updated with progress and useful titbits of information and insights then be sure to catch them!

The guys running the Quick Start Challenge are experienced and successful in their own right when it comes to online businesses and one of them, Dean is actually my mentor,  so I have absolute faith that this is going to be an awesome challenge! I can not wait to get stuck in and share success with everyone taking part whilst also demonstrating to you what can be achieved in 30 days when you really put your mind to it!


That’s it from me

Bye for now 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Quick Start Challenge – 30 Days To Success!

  1. what a great testimonial for short focused challenges in general and this QSC in particular. if this is as successful as your video challenge was then I guess you will soon be seeing those $100 paydays. I really hope this works put we for you and will be following to see how you get on.

  2. I thought this was a very well put out post which made for good reading. Challenges seem to get more out of one than just ploughing on day after day into eternity.You sound like you are doing okay

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