The 7 Mindsets Of Success. Part One.

Today’s blog post is courtesy of a training I have completed this week, based on the 7 Mind-sets of mindset-743161_1920Success by Sten Morgan. He is financial planner and advisor who has become very success in his field at a very young age. He wrote this book to share with you the 7 mind-sets that you should adopt if you too want to become successful in a shorter space of time in whatever your chosen field is. I am going to go over the mind-sets, what they mean and why they’re important. I’ve divided it into 2 parts because doing it in one blog post would make it too long, so look out for part 2 next week. I Love this kind of stuff! Ultimately by adopting these mind-sets, you will be able to keep going when things get tough (because they will) and enable you to success where other give up and fail. The training was great and I hope you enjoy the blog posts and find it gets you motivated to succeed!
MINDSET #1; Future Self
This is you, once you have reached your goal, achieved what you want to achieve or in the situation that you are currently striving for. The future self is the ultimate level of accountability. Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘If only I’d done this or that 5 years ago because I would be so much more successful now?’ Well try to flip that situation on its head and think about yourself in the future, 3-5 years from now. What should you be doing NOW to make that person happy or proud?
Try this thought experiment. Consider the scenario of sitting in a coffee shop with your future self and asking them ‘How am I doing’?  ‘Am I on track’? What do you think your future self would say to you? Are they going to pat you on the back and tell you how great you’re doing and thank you for the wonderful life they are now living, or are they going to be telling you that your need to buck your ideas up and that you could be doing more or you could be much further along?

The idea behind this is to make you realise that everything you are doing now, no matter how big or small, will all lead up to and create the person you’re going to become. Just as everything you have done up until has created the person and situation you are currently in. This mind set helps to trigger the action of always checking in with yourself and asking ‘what am I doing today and where is it going to put me in the future?’
It is really important to have a clear vision of where you want to be in 5 years’ time, so that you can really connect with your future self and then work backwards from there so you know what you have to do in order to become that person.

MINDSET #2; The Safety Net
This is the concept that we are all capable of so much more than we think when failure is not option, or when we are backed into a corner. Safety nets are things like, for example, your job, that allows you to get by and live an ok life, it helps you to feel safe, but is it actually keeping you from reaching your full potential? What actions would you take or what would you differently if you suddenly found yourself without a job? If you found yourself without the security of a monthly check and you had rent to pay children to feed, would you act in a different way, would you take different risks?
If you want to reach high levels of success, in a shorter period of time, this is how you have to start behaving; like you have nothing to lose, to a certain extent. To quote the bookaction-1838330_1920
“The fastest way to success is through risks so high that if you do not succeed you have a total loss”
This is not about being reckless and taking stupid risks, it’s about identifying ‘safety nets’ that are holding you back and removing them so that you can move forward and progress. What safety nets do you have that you could eliminate to increase your motivation to reach your goals faster? In the training they use an analogy of running a marathon and how most people would say they could not run a marathon, however if they were told that something bad would happen to a loved one unless they ran this marathon, that they would be able to run it. The internet is awash with stories of people finding superhuman strength to save their loved ones. The point is your capabilities are much higher that you think but you have to change to your mind-set.

It is also worth noting that if you do have a safety net, this does not mean you will not be successful, it just means you might not achieve it as quickly as could without it.

MINDSET #3; Perspective
This is not your perspective on things; this is about getting feedback and understanding things from other people’s perspectives and learning from other peoples perspectives. Similar to how the student/mentor relationship works. To quote the training;johari-model
“In order to be the most productive we can be, we have to deal in reality; if we feel like we are right and everybody else is wrong, we’ll never achieve success”
By mastering this mind-set you can take constructive criticism, which can be hard at first, but eventually you will actively seek it, ask for feedback and ask how you can do things better.
The training referred to ‘Johari’s Window’, which is a technique that helps people to better understand their relationship with themselves and other people. It illustrates that there are things that we all know, things that we know that other people don’t, things that other people know that we do not and thinks that none of know. We should be focusing on the things that we need to know on order to achieve success; this is how we gain perspective.
It’s all about having a growth mind-set, and being open to the fact that there is stuff that you don’t know, you don’t know, and that you need to learn. It also about understanding that making mistakes does not mean failure and consciously trying to be better. Having a perspective mind-set enables you to make a mistake, acknowledge you’ve made it and asking yourself (and others) what you can do differently to correct it. Learn from other peoples mistakes too! Read the right books, watch the right videos, get yourself a mentor, this all helps you gain valuable perspective.

So these are the first three mind-sets, some pretty valuable stuff here I think, let me know what you think and don’t miss the last four mind-sets in next week’s blog post.

Bye for now

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