That First Sale Feeling…..


Hello all, just here a quick recap on progress so far. If you’ve missed the previous updates about going live and watching it start to work then make sure you take a look. Today I have some mixed feedback for you in terms of progress. Some good and some not so good. I always promised to share the ups and the downs to give you a realistic view of building your own business online.

So shall we start with the good or the not so good? The good news is pretty exciting so let’s get started with that!

I’ve started making sales! Woo Hoo! Take a look at my JVZoo screenshot…….jvzoo2

Ok so it’s one sale, but nothing beats that feeling! If you read the last review post, I’d not made any sales by then, and was a little confused about why. As it turned out, there was a glitch with my paypal account not being set up correctly to accept dollars. My bad! So I have probably lost a few sales, because of this but hey ho, you live and learn right? It’s really great to see the process finally kicking into action and working, it makes all the previous hard work and ups and downs worth it.

So speaking of ups and downs, let’s get to the not so good news. I am not calling it bad news because it’s not, it’s just a little problem with the Facebook ads that is stalling progress for a while.

The problem being, the information that Facebook is providing, about the number of conversions (people signing up to my email list) being made by the ads,  is different to results we are seeing  in aWeber. So while conversions are being made and my email list is growing, Facebook is telling me that there are more conversions being made that there actually are.  This is a problem is because it means some of the Facebook stats about who is signing up, could be inaccurate, which means it will be difficult to tweak the ads to make them more effective. It also makes it more expensive. Now it could be an issue with Facebook or it could be an issue with Optimize Press, and the trick is to work out who and why etc and rectify it, and bring the expense right down.serpentines-931717_1920

It’s a times like this that having a mentor comes in really handy!  Someone who has done this before and who knows what to look for and how to tackle this kind of problem and guide you through what is, metaphorically speaking a minefield! But another really good reason, which my mentor aptly pointed out to me, is that most people would get to this stage, decide Facebook ads don’t work and move onto something else. This is why I am so determined to share the good and the ‘not so good’ because actually this is the reality of creating and building a successful business online. These are the types of things people don’t want to share because they want you to think it’s a really easy, money for nothing, effortless process. Well unfortunately it’s not 🙁

So Facebook ads are on hold for a few days while we try and get to the bottom the discrepancy in the data and then we’re good to go again. I will, as always keep you updated. I hope you’re finding this live case study useful and it shows you that anyone can build their own business online, you just need to be prepared for the ups and downs of the winding road as you do it!

Bye for now 🙂


2 thoughts on “That First Sale Feeling…..

  1. Congrats on your success Vic! Small it may be at the moment, but it’s an important sign of progress that you can build on and keep growing. Technical hitches that happen are just paper cuts as the saying goes, and are what we learn from. Keep up the good work.

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