Take A Look At What A Little Consistent Action Can Do……


Good morning!

I just wanted to follow up from a post called ‘Time’ which I published on 6th August. The point of the post was about how valuable your time is so therefore you should use it wisely. Everyone knows this right? But it was also a bit of a name and shame post, aimed at myself.

I know that in order to build my online business and make it a success I have to keep at it on a regular basis and take consistent action. However, like most people, I also, am only human! So, at times I get distracted, I prioritize the wrong things, I give into my desire to ‘leave it until tomorrow’. We all do it, and because this blog is presented as a live case study, I show and discuss the good with the bad.

So July was a bit of a slow month for me in that my regular actions of tweeting, Quora-ing (new word!) blogging etc, fell by the wayside. This was very clear to see when I logged into my google analytics, it showed a drop in traffic and visitors to my site. So I named and shamed myself and provided you with evidence of my lazy ways;



Following that I made a commitment to myself to get my priorities back in order and get on with the consistent action I need to to do if I want to grow my business. So that was 18 days ago. I have written and posted a few blogs, got back to sharing them on social media and also been busy answering questions on Quora.



So there you have it, real evidence that consistent action, on a regular basis works! We all KNOW this but sometimes it can be so easy to forget, or so easy to fall into that ‘i’ll just do it tomorrow’ mindset.

I hope this inspires you, if you’re ever feeling a bit lazy, or questioning whether what you’re doing is worth it. Remember YES it is, so just keep at it. Also make sure you have something like this Google Analytics plugin, or any other method of recording what you’re doing, so that you can see for yourself, that your consistently is having an impact. It’s great for motivation to keep going.

Get in touch and tell me what you think, tell me about your ups and downs and how you overcome them!

Bye for now 🙂











8 thoughts on “Take A Look At What A Little Consistent Action Can Do……

  1. I can’t agree more! I could show you about the same results on my website. I truly believe consistency and great content is the key to growing any business …

  2. Hi Vic, so true, so true. What is amazing is how powerful those small steps can become. Consistency is key in any business that wants to progress and grow. I think we all “feel you” when you talk about falling backwards and losing the momentum.

    For me it’s my health and the daily struggle with pain. Keep moving… keep moving. That is what I say to myself always. And it works. Moving is the only way to keep the positive thoughts and works well with being consistent in projects too.

    You’re not alone and it’s wonderful to see you picking up the pace again. 🙂

  3. Small consistent steps are so powerful. It is all about consistency and compounding your efforts. If you let it drop – the momentum dies and it is hard to get going again. Amazing charts and a vivid reminder to us all to keep at it! Thanks for posting.

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