Spending Time Effectivley…

So for the next few weeks I am going to be concentrating on free traffic as the recent changes to my job have left me a bit all over the place with my finances!


Ok so admittedly that was not part of the plan, but hey, when do plans ever go smoothly anyway?

But I’ve taken a long enough break now, and I’m risking getting myself into that situation where I’m waiting for things to be perfect before I start moving again. So my master plan is taking longer than expected to come into fruition; just waiting until everything is where I want it to be is not actually going to help me forward now. I’ve done the hard bit, the rest of it is just about waiting and whilst I’m waiting it makes more sense to be doing something!

So whilst this little hiccup sorts its self out, I will be concentrating on good old free traffic. Incidentally, I have made a few sales whilst I’ve been taking a break from free traffic methods I have used in the past, so although slow they are definitely effective.woman-446670_1920

Today is part of the bank holiday weekend here in the UK so it’s obviously tipping down with rain; which makes it the perfect condition for catching up with some free traffic training.

My focus has only been other things for a couple of months but in the world of internet marketing that’s a long time and things can change, so I’m going to spend today catching up on a few things with the aim to have a plan of how I’m going to either continue or tweak my free traffic methods.

I have always used Quora as my free traffic method and found it to be effective, so let’s see if that is still the case or whether there is another gem hiding out there!

 Of course if I find one I will share!

It feels exciting to be getting back into this, and once the changes that I have made over the last few months start coming in to effect, things are going to start moving at lightning speed!

The moral of the story is, just getting moving in some way!

Bye for now 🙂

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