Social Traffic Alchemy Review


NAME: Social Traffic Alchemy


PRICE: $67

OWNER: Adam Payne, Stephen Gilbert, Greg Kononenko



Social Traffic Alchemy is video course that shows you step by step, how to use low cost Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to your website, squeeze page or sales pages, in turn enabling you to build a laser targeted list. The course has 8 easy to follow videos. They take an over the shoulder look at Adam setting up these Facebook ads and then reviewing them 24/48 hours later to show you the results and show you that their method does actually work. There is also a complete PDF guide that you can download too. There are also 9 other videos which go through ways in which you can monetize the audience you have gained from the ads.


Social Traffic Alchemy states you can follow this process even if you have no website, no niche and no list. This is in fact true and they do show you how to do this. However I would suggest that this product is aimed at people who have some experience of internet marketing and do have a destination and/or product, so they can make the most out of the traffic and audience they will gain. For total newbies who are just starting out, this product is probably not needed quite yet, as they will not have anything to offer their new found audience.


The main trainings are case study videos showing you how to set up these Facebook ads, following Adam setting up a brand new one. They include finding a niche, research on how to find the most relevant and targeted audience in that niche and how to go about setting up the ads. They are clear and easy to understand. I have not had the need to contact support as of yet, which to me is a positive, however other people have obviously been asking questions. I have received a few emails from Adam providing information to some of the most common questions he has been asked so far. Absolute thumbs up for that!



• This product does what it says it does and shows you how to use low cost Facebook ads to get really specific traffic to wherever you want it to go.
• Live case study showing actual results
• Easy to follow, step by step videos
• Great support in place


• Not for complete newbies, who are looking into starting to make money online, but certainly something for them to keep in mind for when they are a bit more established.


For people who are looking for the ever elusive answer of how to drive targeted traffic to their site or product page, this product will really help you to do this. It will also show you how build a really specific and profitable list to use moving forward. This is no scam, but a real gem!

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