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UntitledWhat have you achieved this year?

As the leaves on the trees start to turn red and gold and fall from the trees, we are hurtling towards the end of 2015 with great speed. There are just over 12 weeks left!  A lot of us are left thinking, where did that time go?

The change in season is a great time for a bit of self reflection and a review of how you’ve been doing. Did you set yourself any goals or targets for this year? Are you on track to achieve them? Are they still relevant?

I like to review my goals at the change of each season, to see if I’m on track and whether anything needs a bit of tweaking. Research has indicted that goals that are more specific and structured are more likely to be achieved, also sharing your goals with others makes you more accountable.

UntitledIf you have read the about me section of this blog, you will know I have set myself the goal to retire from my 9-5 job by January 2017. But I have not set how I am going to do that. That is my long term goal, and I need to break this down into smaller more achievable chunks to make it happen.

Back in April I started selling products on Amazon.com in the baby niche. In June I was selling about 6-7 products a month. I set my self goals that by the end of July I would be selling 1 a day, by the end of August 5 a day and by September 10 a day. Well it didn’t quite work out like that. We’re mid way through October and I am selling 2 a day. Whilst I haven’t achieved my goal of 10 a day (yet) I have made a significant improvement in my sales – it’s going in the right direction! To me that is the most important thing. I am not going to give up because I haven’t got there yet. Success takes time, it doesn’t happen over night – or necessarily over a couple of months.

So my goals for the rest if the year are to

  •  To increase my Amazon sales to 5 a day.
  •  To increase internet income by $100 a month with WA.
  •  To publish at least 6 posts a month, consistently.
  • To look at opportunities to invest in myself.

This should keep my busy until the end of December, I have to squeeze a full time job in somewhere too! In January I will review these and see how I’ve done. I will also set out my goals for 2016, but also for the next 3 months.

I hope this has motivated you to review your current goals, or even set some for the first time. Please do leave any thought or comments you may have, I would love to hear from you.


Bye for now 🙂


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