Remember Your Why?

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Last week I didn’t post on my regular Wednesday like I usually do. This was because something unexpected slip-up-709045_640happened and my plans were thrown into disarray.  Of course it happened on the week when I didn’t have a post already written and scheduled to go out, Sods Law, I believe they call that!

My other half had to go into hospital with suspected appendicitis. He was in there all week and finally came home having been diagnosed and treated with Kidney Stones. Extremely painful, avoid at all costs! In the grand scheme of things this was no life changing disaster, we are very lucky in the UK we have the NHS (for now), so all treatment was free and the actual problem was something that was rectified pretty quickly and my other half has made a speedy recovery.

Despite this, it was still quite stressful because he does not get paid if he doesn’t go work. There was a week of not knowing what was going on and how long it would be until he could go back to work. On top of this  I felt he didn’t have a proper opportunity to rest, recuperate and focus on getting better, his focus was on getting back to work and earning money. We are fortunate enough that we can deal with a week of unpaid work, so for now we’ve survived this relatively unscathed (easy for me to say, i’ve not been bent over in excruciating pain all week).

Now for a lot of people, a week off unpaid, could make life really difficult, longer periods of not being paid are no-money-2070384_640 really serious. What can you actually do without money? Not much. The cold fact of life is that you NEED money, we RELY on money.   This did not escape me. The whole week and more, since this happened I have been so acutely aware of the need to be self sufficient and WHY I  started this journey to become just that.

People are always banging on about remembering your Why  and keeping it at the forefront of your mind. It will motivate you when you’re feeling fed up, it will help you get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings, it will enable you to do that things that is terrifying but essential to move forward and so. Whilst I have always agreed with this to a certain extent, and I am always aware of why I started this journey, I have always prefered to get my motivation and kick up the bum from listening to audio books. I guess i’ve been a bit blasé about my Why. But I do have to say that having your Why shoved in your face and experiencing it first hand is powerful stuff!

This week we have managed, but I now feel that this journey to self sufficiency is even more important.why-2028047_640Things that you have no control over can just show up out of the blue and totally blindside you. If you are in control of your own financial situation and do not rely on anyone else for this, you will always be in a much better situation to deal with these things when they happen, because they will happen.

So I was very rudely reminded of my Why this week but I’m glad I was. Now I would like to take this opportunity to remind you (in a more polite way)  to think about what yours is and reconnect with it if you haven’t for a while. It’s actually really powerful and all those people who have been banging on about it, have a point!

Get in touch and share your Why with me!

Bye for now 🙂

NB. After writing and posting this I saw that there was a blog post published last week, so I did have one already written and scheduled – go me! This highlight an important point about automation and consistency, but i’ll save that for another day!

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