Quick Start Challenge Update; It Really Is A Game Changer!


So we have just finished week 2 of the Quick Start Challenge and today is the first day of week 3. Below is my video round up of week 2 but before you watch that I just wanted to reflect on how much this 2 weeks has changed me!

Sounds a bit weird I know, but hear me out! Going into the challenge  I was hearing lots of stories about how amazing it was and how it really helped people with their business. I am one of the world’s biggest cynics, so I was like ‘ok whatever!’ I knew it would be good because one of the guys behind it is my mentor…….but…

….today I was reflecting on a massive and totally unexpected change in me; I’ve listened to lots of people over the years talk about growing their businesses, and how they became obsessed with making them work and would spend hours in front of their computer screens and work till the early hours of the morning. Whilst I have always been pretty impressed by this I have always felt that I would never be like that. I could never imagine myself being that dedicated, plus I prioritise sleep over just about everything!

The thing is today I realised I have become that person! I have become obsessed with moving forward, every spare second I have I’m at my computer working away. Hours go by and don’t even realise! Im staying up late, sneaking out of work early, so I can spend time growing my business. I love it! Its so exciting and so unexpected!

I wonder what the next 2 weeks will bring….Stay tuned to find out


Bye for now 🙂

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