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Today I would like to share a little tip with you, which I have found to be really valuable in moving forward and making progress with my online business. Personally I love any kind of information that helps me achieve these goals and lap it up, which is why I thought I would silhouette-1632912_640share this as ironically our love for this kind of information might be doing us more harm than good…..

We’ve all heard of shiny object syndrome and no doubt suffered from it at some stage, I know I have! The problem with shiny object syndrome is that it prevents you from focusing on the task at hand and causes you to jump around from one product to the next without ever really achieving anything or making any progress. Sound familiar?

I became aware that I was suffering from this issue a while back and made a commitment to myself to pack it in. Which I did. I can honestly say it’s been several months now and i’ve not purchased any new product (in the internet marketing niche anyway!).

Whilst this has enabled me to focus on my business with much more clarity, I still found myself in a situation where I was jumping from one adthing to the next. Here’s what I mean; I was working towards blogging on a regular basis, posting on quora, getting my facebook page likes up, running facebook ads to certain blog posts, trying to create an upsell for my lead magnet, thinking about ideas of how to put a membership site together and on and on, you get the picture.

Even though I didn’t buy anything to help achieve any of these things I was still finding that I was very ‘busy’ but not actually getting anywhere. This was when my mentor pointed out to me that i’ve got too much going on. He advised that I concentrate on one thing and keep doing it until i’m good at it, understand it properly and most importantly, it’s working.

Well it was a like a breath of fresh air actually! So that is what i’m doing. Of course I am still blogging on a regular basis as this is a vital part of my online business model, but with regards to everything else, I am purely focusing on growing my list using facebook ads. That’s it. I’ve including a screenshot of my ad for (to the left) for your viewing pleasure, and maybe to show off just a little bit!

This will continue to be my focus  until I have tweaked my ads so they are as effective as they can be i.e, they are growing mylist on a daily basis. Once I have mastered Facebook ads for traffic I can think about other products, upsells and memberships sites that I can use in conjunction with this new skill, to continue to grow my business.

Kind of makes a lot of sense when you look at it like that doesn’t it? So there you have my top tip. Pick one thing, keep doing it until you’ve mastered it and then build on it. By doing it this way you are building a strong foundation and your business will grow more naturally instead of you trying to force everything to happen all at once.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, please share any tips or tricks you have found effective in helping you to focus on and grow your business…….

Bye for now 🙂

2 thoughts on “One Thing At A Time…

  1. Agree 100%! I’ve spent $2.50 on 1 guide that featured a different approach to blogging. I decided to stick to my long term, no stress plan.

    Key point is I’m sticking to 1 plan. is really helpful in removing distracting email subs to help keep those shinny offers out of sight as well.

    Enjoyed the post. 🙂

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