On Course For The 6 Figure Club!

Hello and welcome to my weekly Wednesday blog post! Today I wanted to share with you what my next move isexecutive-532448_1920 now that the Quick Start Challenge is over. I don’t know about you, bt I am the sort of person who always has to be aiming for something and always has to have a plan. If I don’t I feel a bit a lost 🙁

I have gone live with some Facebook ads today running traffic to the funnel I created as part of the Quick Start Challenge. I am also very pleased to say I have had my first email subscriber as a result of my free traffic methods 🙂 This will continue to run in the back ground whilst I concentrate on my next mission.

As the title to the post indicates, my next mission is to get from here to 6 figures. Quite a mission I know! Let me tell you how it works. Whilst my mentor was running the Quick Start Challenge he was also in the process of upgrading his own program. He has introduced some very exciting elements for partners looking to make a living online, and now that I am done with the QSC I can focus on this new upgrade.

What he has essentially created is a certification program which partners can follow. It provides you with how-to-make-6-figure-incomeeducation and training that you need to start building a business that brings in firstly a 4 figure income, then a 5 figure income and finally a 6 figure income.

The first step is to become certified and then start working towards bringing in 4 figures. So this is the path I am working on. My efforts from the Quick Start Challenge will compliment this nicely as all income created from this will move me closer to the 4 figure club.

This is such a refreshing approach to helping people move forward with thier digital business goals and I for one am super excited to be starting this journey. I will of course be keeping you up to date with everythng I am learning so you can use this information in your own business endeavours.

If you want to check out a bit more about Dean’s program  then I highly recommend checking out this foundation training

That’s it from me today!


Bye for now 🙂

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