New Year Simplicity – Simplified


So we’re half way through January and things haven’t really gone as planned. We remain without hot water and heating which has really interrupted everything and significantly changed how we live our day to day life. As a knock on effect from that my business plans have gone out the window a bit.glasses-1030548_1920

I’ve also been thinking about my plan that I laid out to keep things really simple and this week I have implemented something to keep me on track. It’s an idea I got whilst doing the ‘Quick Start Challenge’ back in September. It’s the really simple technique of writing down my plans for the week and allocating a task each day that helps me move towards my goals.

I’ve completed this week’s planner and added a photo for your viewing pleasure!

IMG_4971As I mentioned in a previous post, Quora is my free traffic method that I am using and I copy my posts on to my Facebook page.

My paid traffic method I have decided to change. I’ve always used FB ads, and whilst they work really well, they are quite expensive. Because I am a partner with Internet Profits, I have access to some really great traffic training. I was looking though the trainings the other day as I was thinking about changing my paid traffic approach and came across GDN.

Google Display Network ads are apparently cheaper than Facebook plus you get more clicks for your money. So GDN is now going to become my paid traffic source, I just have to learn about them! This is what my spare time this week will be dedicated to.

As you can see my goal for this week is to be in a position to start creating some ads by the end of the week, which means I need to consume all the training this week. Apparently they are a bit complicated, so wish me luck!


It feels good to have things set up in such a simple and straight forward way, like it’s really achievable.

So that’s it for me today, I’ve got lots of studying to do!

By for now 🙂

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