Networking; The Ultimate Funnel…

Working at your internet business can feel pretty lonely sometimes, with a sense of isolation.

It’s good to have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off in any situation, but when you throw technology into the equation, it’s vital! If you’re trying to set up your blog, or landing page or funnel, in my experience, it never goes according to plan and things just happen for no obvious reason with no obvious or logical solution. It can be VERY frustrating! So what about trying to set up ‘the Ultimate Funnel’, let alone a bog standard basic one?!

First off, what it the Ultimate Funnel? Well in a nutshell, its they type of funnel you need if you’re going to be successful in Affiliate Marketing in this day and age.

Affiliate Marketing has changed and we have now entered a new generation, and if you’re going make a success of it yourself, you’re going to need to get up to speed. Unfortunately that is not what this blog post is all about. The good news is you get a copy of the book ‘The Iceberg Effect’ which explains it all in step by step detail.

The Infographic below gives you a sneak peak….

This book has been in the making by my mentor Dean, for a long time and I am so excited it is finally available. I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with him to bring it to you! It is jam packed with top tips, advice and step by step actions to take, to enable you toot only build a successful Affiliate marketing business, but also on how to future proof your income!

iceberg effect

It has even been endorsed by Russell Brunson himself. Russell was Deans mentor, and an integral part of Dean’s progress and success. Dean invested the time and the money to go Russells mastermind groups, where he had the opportunity to network with like minded individual and bounce ideas off them. The networking aspect of any business is crucial but I believe even more so in the lonely world of the internet marketer. Deans success is a great example of this.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. I am so excited because once I have finished this blog post, i’m jumping in my car and driving down to the big smoke (london) for a weekend long workshop. This is going to be an amazing opportunity to network and meet other people who have the same goals as me and also people who achieved their goals and are making a full time living as an affiliate marketer.

Keep your eyes peeled because I just know this is not only going to be an amazing experience, it’s also going to be an opportunity to get some great insights and tips on how to build and grow my business, and I will be sharing it all on my blog and on my Facebook page!

I will be sharing snippets from the weekend on my Facebook page too whilst im there. I am so excited about this, I have never been to an event like this before but have always wanted to.

It is such a great start to the new year and the new decade!

Speak soon

Vic W

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