It’s Started Working….


So this is the first review since we went live with the facebook ads. The goal of this ad campaign is to create and grow an email list.

I am happy to say that it’s working, but before we get to that, here’s what we have done so far in a nutshell;

I have created a lead magnet and a small upsell. Then with a bit of guidance from my mentor, we created some Facebook ads, targeting people who are interested in Affiliate Marketing (which is subject of my lead magnet and upsell). We set up a couple of different adverts, which all say the same thing but look slightly different. Then we created 3 different sets (of people) to show the adverts too. Each set  was created by targeting audiences who like various different people who are considered to be successful in the internet marketing and affiliate marketing niche.

We then started the ad campaign and it has been live for about 8 days. We stopped it for a few days because we were getting feedback from Facebook that one of the adverts had too much text, so this particular ad has been stopped so it’s only two that are being shown to the different sets of people.

With the wonders of Facebook targeting we can see which people, based on geographical info, gender, age etc, are the most responsive to which ad. When we reviewed this today it threw up a few surprises.

If you look at the screenshot below you can see that men aged between 35 and 44 and 55 and 64 are actually less responsive to the women aged 45 to 66, meaning putting these ads in front of men in these age brackets is pushing the cost of the ads up. In a typically male dominated niche this was a bit unexpected. Maybe us women are cottoning on to the benefits of internet marketing! Anyway, we’ll continue to monitor this for a few more days and if this trend continues, it’s goodbye men! We will stop targeting them and focus on the people who are more responsive, making the ads even more effective. Happy days.


So anyway, the moment of truth, is my email list growing? Well yes it is, take a look below. When I went live I had 2 or 3 subscribers one of whom was my mentor. After 8 days of ads I now have 37!


So my ads have been averaging 4-5 subscribers a day. Not a bad start. No sales backend yet, but we’re keeping an eye and if that doesn’t change we’ll look at the sales page. So all in all I am very happy with this!

Now that I have the beginnings of an email list, I need to start focusing on email marketing. So keep your eyes peeled for some posts all about email marketing and how it can help you engage with your list, and of course keep an eye out for progress up dates on how the ad campaign is going.

Bye for now 🙂

12 thoughts on “It’s Started Working….

  1. Hi Vicky, really enjoying your posts. I wanted to know if you’re using a Facebook pixel so you can retarget your visitors. FB has a feature for custom audiences that is pretty cool. I have not personally used it yet, but it allows you to retarget people that have spent x amount of time on your website, blog, wherevers.

    Custom audiences are even cheaper and your results should be even better as marketing shows that many people will buy after seeing something 6 to 7 times. I would retarget anyone who’s seen your affiliate offer such as on a review page.

    You may already know this but you can precheck your text as to the 20% rule on FB here:

    Can’t wait till you get your first sale!

  2. Test, test, test!

    Really good to see you are building a list Vicky. It is the lifeblood of any business like this. Thanks for being so open about what you are doing too. Really helpful.

    • Hi Jorge, it’s between about $2.80 and $2.55 at the moment, which i believe is not too bad in the IM niche, however always working and tweaking to get it lower!

  3. I’ve never done Facebook ads and it’s really fascinating hearing how much information you can collect about the differences in responsiveness between people. It’s definitely something I want to try at some point so it’s really good to hear of real life experiences like yours.

  4. I am doing pretty much the same thing on Bing and it’s going good. My next step is with Facebook. I hope you will keep us informed on how things are going down the line at a later date …

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