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Hello! It’s been a while since I have written a blog post as I have been on a bit of quest to change things so that I can work at growing my business in a more effective and consistent way and ultimately get to where I want to be quicker. welcome-sign-760358_1920

My journey to being self-sufficient through internet marketing has been a long and winding one. About 2 years ago the main problem I had was not having enough time to learn and implement the things I needed to, so I decided to drop a day at my full time job.

This worked really well because I then had one day a week which was dedicated to my business and in this time I really consolidated everything I had taught myself. I built myself a solid foundation on which to grow my business.

However, then I came across another road block; because I’d dropped a day a work I didn’t have enough money to run regular paid traffic to the squeeze pages and funnels I’d spent so long creating.

I mean I did some paid ads, but I could never guarantee that I would be able to run them every month. If things ever got a little tight financially, the paid ads were always the first thing to go.

I knew this was a false economy because to get the best out of paid advertising, you have to do it consistently.

So I tackled this road block by doing something a little more drastic and left my nice secure and steady job for one that pays better money.

I make it sound nice and simple! Actually it has been far from simple. I am currently in a 6 month probation period and on a very tough and steep learning curve. It is stressful and for now I have also had to sacrifice my one day off a week.

That was never part of the plan, but I remain focused on the end goal; earning more money so I can routinely  run paid ads and get my business moving forward in a more effective and consistent way.

Anyway, I am nearing the end of my probation period now. I am determined to make it! It has been a decision that has taken me well out of my comfort zone and a gamble that has yet to pay off!

But I genuinely believe I can do it, I genuinely believe it was the right decision and I genuinely believe it will pay off!

Watch this space……!

Bye for now 🙂

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