How To Nail Regular Blog Posts And Increase Traffic…..


We’ve all heard it, regular blog posting helps with traffic. But what if you get stuck trying to think of something to blog about on a regular basis? Do you ever feel like you’ve got nothing to post, no ideas, don’t know what other people want to read about? I know I do at times and it can feel a bit soul destroying at times, especially if you’re a relative newbie in your niche and still learning.

idea-1014016_1920Well I think I may well have found a problem to this solution, and it comes with an added bonus too – an increase in free traffic!

Let’s start at the beginning. Whilst on my quest to increase traffic to my blog I came across the suggestion of using Quora. I had heard of it, but didn’t know much about and have never really paid it any attention. It’s basically Q&A platform, which is the reason it had been highlighted as a source of free traffic.  It contains questions and answers for over 500,000 subjects and popular categories including internet marketing, health and well being, technology, politics, the list goes on. So regardless of your niche you should find that you can use this website to help drive traffic to your blog or website. Quantcast estimates nearly 800,000 people access Quora each month and their traffic has been steadily growing. Plus it’s free 🙂

You can find the answers to questions relevant to your niche and answer them, plus you can include up to 5 links (I think) within your answer. That can be to a certain blog post, a squeeze page, anything you like. So I think you can see how this is a great source of free traffic.

So what I found myself doing was looking for questions that were relevant to me and then made the effort to answer them as best I could, always linking back to blog posts that I had already written on the subject.

This is where I had my light bulb moment!

Quite often I will come across questions and realise I don’t have a blog post to refer to on this subject matter. So I am now going to start approaching it from a different perspective; I am going to use the questions on Quora as inspiration for blog posts. Once I have written the post I can also answer the question and include my blog post link. I can’t image ever being stuck about what to write a blog post about ever again! It’s a win, win situation because I have vault of relevant ideas for blog posts, that I know people are interested in, and by using the post to answer questions I am increasing the flow of free traffic to my website,

Anyway I know that regular blog posts and getting traffic are two things that people tend to struggle with a lot so I thought I would share this light bulb moment! I hope you find it helpful and now you’re super inspired to get blogging and moving your business forward! There are also lots of other great benefits of using Quora, I will write a post about it some time soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time I would love to hear about whether you have used Quora or what you do to keep yourself inspired so that you can blog on a regular basis. Please get in touch in the comments below….

Bye for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “How To Nail Regular Blog Posts And Increase Traffic…..

  1. Great Article. I was struggling to find more content ideas, but your method seems solve this problem. Will test your guidelines tonight.. Thank you. Great article..

  2. ElektraH says:

    Great read! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely check out Quora and use the ideas. Just registered! Thanks for some inspirations!

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