How Do You Build A Lot Of Wealth Starting From Zero?

Today’s blog post is answering the question above which was posed on Quora…
If I told you it was really easy, would you think I was lying? Probably because if it was really easy then everyone would be doing it right? But the internet is awash with rags to riches stories, so on that premise it must not be (1)
The internet is also the best vehicle in the history of the planet that allows people who do not have very much to become wealthy.
So what’s the catch? Firstly it depends on what you consider wealthy to be and secondly it depends on what you consider zero to mean. Are you talking about time or money or both?
Like many many people, I am on a journey where the end goal is to be using the internet to make enough money so that I do not have work at a traditional 9-5 job, resulting in me having both time and money.
My first venture into making money online was actually very effective and it only cost me $5 in money. It cost me more in time, but even then, this was not significant I wrote an eBook, which too me about a week to write and edit. The $5 was spent on buying a photograph I could use for the front cover and I got my brother to do the graphics for me and design the cover. I uploaded my eBook to the Amazon self-publishing programme which is free to do and then I would spend about 30 mins everyday promoting my book in Facebook groups. I did not start making money immediately, mainly because Amazon will not pay you for the first 3 months, I don’t know why that is just one of their rules. But after thought-2123970_1920about 3 months the money started coming in and I was earning about $300-$400 a month!
Now I know this is probably not what you would consider wealthy, (it certainly didn’t enable me to give up my 9-5!) but it allowed me to see that actually you don’t have to have loads of money to start off with.
That was several years ago now and I do not do any prompting of that book or spend any time doing anything with it, but I still get paid every month for doing nothing. Granted it’s not as much as I was in the beginning, but it is literally money for doing nothing so who can complain at that?
I used the money to invest in educational course and getting myself a mentor so that I could develop my skill and knowledge in to using the internet to make money. This process has lead me to affiliate marketing which is now another income stream I have which again is not something that is going to cost you loads to get up and running with .
Whichever way you at it though you do need the right mind-set. You need to be patient and you need to accept that becoming wealthy is not something that happens quickly and it rarely happens with very Untitled design (22)little effort; especially if you do not have much money to begin with. Having money makes becoming wealthy quicker and easier, but it still requires time and effort.
If you do not have much money to start with, the time and effort required is much greater. But it is not impossible, the battle you will invariably have in your head about whether or not you can achieve this will be the hardest thing to conquer.
This is what my blog is all about; ways of making money and the mindset required to do it. Come over and check it out, get in touch and let me know how you’re getting on.
Hope this helps

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