How Did May Work Out For You?


So it’s  time for my monthly review of how the last month has gone, what has been achieved and what my plans are for next month.calendar-2004848_1920

So did you had a good May? Did you get everything done that you planned? Did you have a plan? My last monthly update was from sunny Cyprus and as as I sit here on this drizzly UK morning, it’s fair to say I miss it! However on the plus side, May was a been a pretty cool month for me.

I started and completed a 30 day video challenge, by Michelle Holmes which has been amazing. Posting a video everyday and getting feedback, has helped me enormously in getting used to being in front of the camera and making videos. So as well as completing that I have also started making videos and putting them out there on my YouTube channel (please subscribe!) and Facebook page. This was one of the things that I committed to doing in my April round up so feeling quite pleased with myself. I actually made a video about overcoming the fear of doing it which you can check out here.

I also committed to getting my membership area up and running so that I could upload my first product to it and start running traffic to it. This has taken longer than I thought, on the basis that I have no idea what i’m doing! I am enlisting the help of my mentor and it’s an ongoing project. I have made the members area logo and a few buttons which will become clickable links to my products.

In the meantime I learnt about a really useful hack to get people to like your Facebook page for a fraction of the cost of running an actual campaign to achieve this. I will make a video 😉 and share this with you. So I now have nearly 300 fans on my Facebook page.

So all in all I feel May has been a pretty cool month and good progress has been made. Not everything went arrows-2128979_1920according to plan, but some things did and some things happened that were not part of the plan. The important thing is that I have been taking consistent action and doing something.

Can you say the same? It’s easy to spend lots of time being ‘busy’ but not really achieving anything, I have been guilty of this for many months! I don’t know about you, but I believe a great way to overcome this ‘busyness’ that doesn’t actually get you anywhere is through planning and accountability, and this has given me a great idea that I am going to be working on in June and then rolling out as part of my ongoing email communication to my subscribers. So watch this space and I will reveal more when it’s ready, around the end of June.

Because my plans with my membership area are taking much longer than expected, I am starting to develop another area of my digital business, where I am utilising the skill and expertise of my other mentor and his ‘done for you’ approach to digital marketing. Dean has been a mentor for a while now and is really passionate about digital marketing and I have learnt soooo much from him and his team, it’s time to start sharing! If you’re interested in developing your digital business without the need to make your own products, then you should check out this webinar

So that’s it for this week, go on and have an amazing and productive June, remember we’re half way through the year now! I look forward in sharing with your success!

Bye for now 🙂



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