How Did March Work Out For You?


Crikey! The March review is here already. The clocks have changed and spring has well and truly sprung. Up until the beginning of 2017 I have always done my progress and review blogs on a more quarterly basis. It was not a conscious decision to make them monthly for this year it’s just kind of happened.



I wonder whether the progress itself is responsible for this? If i think back to when I started this blog, progress was pretty slow, because I didn’t really have a clue about what I was doing. I had plans and goals but they could have been more focused, plus every step in the direction of progress required lots of learning new things and overcoming roadblocks. On reflection it would have been difficult to do monthly progress up dates because the months were moving faster than my progress.

This year however my progress has really started to speed up and develop and when I look at where I am at the start of each month there is evidence of good progress made and I am astounding myself on a regular basis with what I am learning and what I am achieving, and that is a great feeling.idea-1855598_1920

When people talk about the ‘snowball effect’ I now get what they mean; the more I achieve and progress, the more excited and motivated I become. This not only helps me to keep going but it gives me a feeling of confidence to challenge myself a little bit, and move a little bit further out of my comfort zone, and this cyclical process continues.


Interestingly there is actually a scientific explanation to back this up. The comfort zone is a situation or environment where you feel safe and at ease. In the context of working or building a business, being within your comfort zone usually means  you make little effort and yield only acceptable results. This kind of situation kills productivity. The excitement and motivation that i just spoke about experiencing, can not exist inside your comfort zone.

You have to get outside of your comfort zone to make progress, but making progress is what gives you the confidence to get outside of your comfort zone, so come on, it’s time to take the plunge.

I have completed all the videos and  audio for my 6 module video course.  I have learnt so much getting to this stage. I have used Audacity, Powerpoint and Microsoft Expression Encoder as the tools to physically put all of this together. I did not have a clue how any comfort-zoneof them worked when I started this, and now I can work my round them all with ease! The additional beauty of using these tools is that they were all free, so making this course has not cost me a penny (it has cost a lot of time though!)

Once I have finished with the final edits and making sure the bonuses are all ready and correct, the next stage will be uploading onto some kind of platform or server so that it will become the final product that I can sell. As things stand at the moment, I have no idea how to do this or what it entails, but i do know I can make it happen!

I hope you have had a productive March, whether it’s been creating something, working on yourself or just deciding your next step. It doesn’t matter if progress is slow, as long as it’s progress. Celebrate the small steps and the small achievements, as well as the bigger ones.

Have a great April, I for one can not wait to see what I will be writing in my progress blog for then!

Bye for now 🙂

One thought on “How Did March Work Out For You?

  1. You’ve justified my belief in living on the edge!

    Taking action is contagious, and it provides the same rush as your body gets when working out, jogging, cycling, or playing a sport.

    Best of luck for the rest of April and the future!

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