How Did June Work Out For You?

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So we’ve hit July! It’s officially only 173 days until christmas! From a business point of view that means  179 days or 25 weeks or 6 months until 2018; to get your 2017 goals done and dusted! Are you on target?

The start of July also means it’s time to review how June went. Monthly reviews for me are an integral part of feedback-1978036_1920ensuring that I am on target to meet my 2017 goals. My goal had always been to retire from my 9-5 by the end of 2017! A goal which I set myself in September 2015. On reflection now with only 6 months to achieve that goal, I may have been a tad ambitious! I still have quite some way to go in achieving that goal, BUT, I am a lot closer to it now than I was in September 2015 and I will be even closer by the end of 2017!

Just because i’m not on track to achieve that specific goal, does not mean I am failing. I feel quite the opposite. I feel more driven, motivated and convinced than ever that I will achieve my goal of giving up the 9-5, and it’s a great feeling!

So what have I been doing in June to help me feel like this?

I have been posting a lot to my Facebook page, some written posts and 100% more videos than ever before! I am kind of using it as a running commentary on how my digital business plans are going. June has been full of road-closed-sign-2079685_1280more extreme ups and downs than usual! I have come across a lot of roadblocks, mostly technical stuff; I am easily stumped by technical stuff.

It’s cost me time and has been amazingly frustrating at times but I have managed to overcome them and learnt a lot. Something that was driving me round the bend for ages; changing the font size on my blog, I have fixed! That really was a hallelujah moment for me! 

Plans regarding my membership site have all but ground to a halt for now due to circumstances out of my control. Not one to be prevented from moving forward I have spent the month concentrating on the other part of my digital business. I mentioned this in May’s review about a ‘Done For You’ element of growing a digital business.

As you know Income Objective is all about growing a digital business, and I am doing this by creating and selling products myself and I also have a ‘done for you’ approach too. Obviously doing it all yourself is going to be more complicated and time consuming, which I have successfully demonstrated! With the done for you option, everything is already set up and ready to go.

So this month I have set up a Facebook ad running traffic to this part of my business and very pleased to say I ecommerce-2140604_1920have made some sales too! Making sales is the BEST experience for motivating you to continue to move forward and provide you with belief that what you are doing is working. 

So even though this month has been much more frustrating and slow in a lot of ways, it’s also been one of my best months so far! If you want to find out more about the ‘done for you’ option that I am using then check out this free webinar to see what it’s all about. I can hand on my heart say ‘It’s Awesome!’

So what will I be concentrating on in July?

Basically; posting videos and content on a regular basis to my Facebook Page and driving traffic to my done for you offers. Plus working on myself; mindset and learning. It’s not loads of stuff but it’s important! Even more important is the consistency! Day in. Day out.

Here is a review of my Stats;

Facebook Page likes: Has gone from 290 to 325

Blog Page Views (last 30 days): Has gone from 309 to 513

YouTube Channel subscribers: Has gone from 10 to 11

Have an Amazing and productive July and like my Facebook Page for regular updates on the trials and tribulations of building a success digital business!

Bye for now 🙂

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