How Did July Workout For You?

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So August is finally upon us, so obviously i’m sat here in my hoodie, watching the rain outside, dreaming about being in Key West! Dreaming of Key West and lots of other exotic and interesting locations is one of the things that helps to keep me going on this long and at times weary journey to growing a successful digital business and becoming financially independent.

I’m fortunate enough to have a partner who shares my vision of the future and who is also working toward becoming financially independent. He is doing this by investing in property and has just made another purchase recently. We both take great pleasure in discussing all the things we’re going to do once we have realised our goals and these conversations are particularly exciting when one of has achieved something that brings us a step closer!

So how did July workout for me? Am I any closer to realising my Key West dream?

My commitments set out in my June Review were low key and simple. BUT this does not make them any less important. In Fact the things I committed to are the basic ‘bread and butter’ activities of building a business, the things you should be doing day in, day out. Rinse and repeat.

Self development is something that is super important and has become regular habit for me. My self development weapon of choice is the audio book and this month I found an amazing book that I have listened to a couple of times. It’s called ‘You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money’ and I made a little video about and posted it on my Facebook page if you want to watch it. I highly recommend this book for getting you into a making money mindset!

Speaking of making videos, posting daily videos to my Facebook page was one of the commitments I also made, which I did not fully achieve. It was going swimmingly until I got thrown out of my routine by my other half unexpectedly spending a week in hospital. I won’t bore you with the details, because i’ve already done that in a previous blog post! Poiniently titled ‘Remember Your Why‘ I  effectively managed to turn the whole situation in a very wise lesson about how important it is to have such spot on goals as creating and growing your own successful digital business!

Anyway normal life has resumed and I am back in my routine and  posting videos on my Facebook page on a daily basis. As ive said before, I use my Facebook page as a running commentary on how i’m growing my business, so be sure to check it out and like it. I have been experimenting with Facebook ads this month as well. I have been running ads to get traffic to some of the videos I have been posting and also to some blog posts I have written. The main aim of these campaigns is to warm them up and pixel them.

By ‘warming them up’ I mean get my brand, IncomeObjective out there and in front of people who have never come across it before. People who have never seen or heard of my (or anyone else’s’) brand are considered to be ‘cold traffic’. Once they have seen an advert from IncomeObjective they become ‘warm traffic’. Even if they haven’t taken any action. Now with Facebook you can ‘pixel’ the people who have seen your advert, which means you can then retarget them again in the future. So my next step is create another ad, this time with an aim to make a purchase, and put it in front of people who have IncomeObjective on their radar as they’ve seen my previous ads relating to my videos and blog posts. The point of doing this is that research shows people are a lot less likely to buy from people whom they have never heard of before. People who are considered ‘warm traffic’ are more likely to take action.

So that is what I have been up to. No sales this month, but I haven’t been actively chasing sales so that is ok, I have been laying foundations for future sales though so watch this space!

Plans for August?

To continue with cold traffic ads and then start running some ads to the warm traffic I am collecting. My mentor is running a ‘quick start challenge’ which I am going to join in with. This may be August or it may be September, i’m not sure yet, but people who have done it previously speak very highly of it, and I do love a challenge! I’m currently doing a 12 week nutrition and exercise challenge too!

So just to round up, here’s a review of my stats;

Facebook Page likes: Has gone from  325 to 350

Blog Page Views (last 30 days): Has gone from  513 to 386

YouTube Channel subscribers: Has stayed at 11

Have a super productive August and I will be back in September (yikes!) for the next monthly review.

Bye for now 🙂

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