How Did February Work Out For You?

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Another month has gone, only 10 months left of this year! It’s crazy how quickly times goes. So how did February workout for you? Are you still focused on your goals and consistently working towards them? Do you think about them and review them on a regular basis?

It’s important that you do, because losing sight of your goals can leave you stagnant, getting nowhere fast, or busy without makingAdobeStock_126095563 progress. Whatever your goals are, referring to them and reviewing them often can keep you on track and produce faster results. Something which is really important when time speeds along as fast as it does.

By writing down and reviewing your goals on a regular basis, you determine the steps you  need to follow in order to get to your destination. Consider them to be a road map. When you’re going on a journey you refer to your map regularly along the way and this helps you to get there quickly and hopefully via the most direct route. The same is true with your goals, by looking at them everyday you are creating the quickest and most direct route to achieving them.

By reviewing your goals everyday you are keeping them at the forefront of your mind. If you are not looking at them everyday,  they fade from the forefront of your mind. If they’re not on your mind, then you’re not thinking about them and not working towards them. If you’re not working towards them,  you’re never going to achieve them. The repetition of looking at your goals everyday will eventually create a pathway in the brain, that makes achieving your goals become second nature. There are many studies that back the benefits that repetition has on the brain.

The problem with goals that are not thought about and not reviewed everyday is that they become lost. You lose the meaning and the feelings associated with them and with that the desire to continue to work towards them. Reviewing your goals maintains a sense of urgency in achieving them and as mega self development guru Jim Rohn says;

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.”

You don’t want your goals to lose their value. Reviewing goals at least 10 times each week enables us to mindlessly pivot towards them accomplish-1136863_1280 (1)to make them realities. We know that thoughts can become actions. As a result, we can reach our goals faster. The great thing about regular goal reviews is the progress you will make.  The more tasks we accomplish and the greater progress we experience towards reaching our goals, the more our self-respect will increase. When we feel an increase in personal value, our sense of worth keeps us happy. Add the sense of accomplishment we feel when making progress with our goals, is a great recipe to feel motivated and keep going.

So, this is my message for March;  write your goals down and review them everyday.

I have spent the whole of February working on my video product. I have to say I was not expecting it to be so time consuming. I had wanted it finished by now, but hey ho. I am focused and I am making progress. The beauty of information products are once they’re done, they’re done. I can continue to sell them without having to put anymore time into them. That makes the effort i am putting in now worth it.

So have a great March, review your goals and make good progress. Let’s meet back here on the first of April to review.

Bye for now 🙂

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