How Did April Work Out For You?

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So, April’s catch up post is coming from sunny Cyprus, as I’m on my hols, which is also why it’s a few days late so apologies for that, I’m just having too much fun here!IMG_0500
Cyprus really is a beautiful place, the weather is gorgeous, the food, the wine, the scenery, it’s all amazing. Part of the joy of being somewhere like this is looking at all the villas and talking about which one we would have and what we would change about to make sure it was our perfect villa. Myself and my other half love this game; 5 bedroom, detached, luxury villa with pool and stunning views to the south west; we’re easily pleased!

I always find coming away on holiday a real inspirational and motivational exercise when it comes to working towards building and growing my online business. Having conversations about what my ideal villa would look like really spurs me on makes me even more determined to make it work for me!  When we have these conversations, I get really excited because  I know it’s much more than just a ‘pipe dream’ because I know I have a vehicle in my business to help me get there. The more I work at my business the more I can see it starting to move in the right direction but through doing this I am also connecting with more and more people who are doing the same and making it work for them. Writing this blog post from comfort of my balcony looking down on our pool and out to sea isn’t too hard, it’s certainly the kind of job or work I aspire too! Some of the people I have connected with recently have based themselves in Thailand, Hawaii and Spain. People are doing it everywhere, so why not me and why not you?!

So before I left to come to this beautiful island, I was nearly finished with my list building product, and now I happy to say it’s all done! I have an appointment with my mentor on his webinar when I return to build up a membership site to get it all uploaded to there and finalised for sale.

In the meantime I have been teaching myself about online business success and decided to  start getting comfortable with making videos, as the evidence consistently indicates people who do this have more success. This is something that I have been saying to myself for a while but i have never fully taken the plunge, because it’s scary! But that has all changed now;
I have started a 30 day video challenge, along with a group of other people. I was told about the challenge a few weeks ago by someone I was having an online networking call with. When I looked into it there was a challenge starting In May.  We get emailed a question everyday, which we then have to record a short video which answers the question. We then share the video with the rest of our group, who then leave us comments on it.  Lots of people have done this challenge with amazing results so I am really excited to have started it! Today’s question asked what we would chose the theme tune to our life would be, here’s my answer…….


Anyway that’s it from sunny Cyprus, I will definitely be back here!
Bye for now 🙂

2 thoughts on “How Did April Work Out For You?

  1. Good on you, Vicky. Cyprus is great, isn’t it? I was there years and years ago and remember if with great fondness.
    Good luck with the video challenge. I bombed out of one that I started and wish that it had been organised like yours, with a question to answer. That is a great idea to ease the process a little.
    Hope that by now your product is on the way up!

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