Have You Got What It Takes?


Good afternoon, I hope the sun is shining down on you where ever you are. You really can’t beat a lovely sunny Sunday, it’s the ideal time to notebook-405755_1280chill out, maybe do a bit of gardening or read a book, or whatever it is that you do to relax.

So it can sometimes feel like a bit a of a drag when you know you have to sacrifice doing those things because you have  to work on your business.

Whether you decide to make that sacrifice or not is up to you and no one else. I recently wrote a post about accountability and how it can help in these kinds of situations,  you can read it here.

Whilst an accountability partner is a really vital part of succeeding, it is ultimately yourself you have to be accountable to. That means having what it takes to make sure you make the right decisions that will keep you on track with achieving your goals.

I hold my hands up and admit that I would much rather be lounging in the garden with a good book and a G+T than being inside working on my business. Especially because sunny Sundays are so hit and miss in this county and you never know when you’ll get another one! But on the other hand I am more than happy to make the sacrifice – because I want my online business to work more than I want to enjoy this sunny Sunday!

What I have found, since getting serious about making my online business work, is that I do have to make sacrifices and I do have to prioritise what is more important. So will you if you are serious about making your business work or achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Speak to any  person who is successful in their field and I am pretty certain they will tell you that they had to make sacrifices to get there.

The good news is  if you are committed to making a success of yourself and reaching your goals,  you will. If you are prepared to accept the fact that you have to be committed and you will at times have to make sacrifice’s then I believe nothing can stop you.

There is one simple trick that I have found which makes the whole process a bit easier and when I say simple I really do mean it!

Planning. That’s it!

If you plan your time and your tasks on a daily basis I guarantee you will get so much more done and achieve things consistently every day. By having a plan for your day (and executing that plan) you will massively reduce the risk of that day being a day wasted.

By having a plan, you start you day with a clear and focused vision, and as you work through your plan and tick things off and complete and achieve the things you intended, you will feel good, no GREAT within yourself. Sticking to your plan will help you to feel motivated and excited about achieving your goals. If you’re doing this everyday, it will have an accumulative effect. Not only will you start to make real progress in your business, you will start to feel like there is no stopping yourself, and that is a great feeling.


You don’t have to be doing great big tasks everyday, but as long as you are doing something, consistently everyday, you will see things start to happen. So make a commitment to yourself,  spend 10-15minutes everyday making a plan for the next day. Write it down somewhere and tick things off as you go along. Commit to seeing your plan through.

So I am asking you, ‘have you got what it takes?’ will you make a commitment to yourself to move your business forward?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this or how you feel about making a sacrifice in order to achieve your goals. Please leave your comments below and share your experiences.

Bye for now 🙂


One thought on “Have You Got What It Takes?

  1. Great post. Let me add something Vicky…
    At the end of each day, write down exactly what you achieved (rather than just plan the next day). When you know you will be faced with writing that list at the end of the day – you are more likely to get on and do it!

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