Happy Birthday! 1 Year Old

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So this month is kind of a big deal… IncomeObjective is 1 year old….


September 16th to be precise was when I wrote my first blog post! I have achieved a lot in this past year that I am very proud of, and have learnt a lot about internet marketing and how it works and what sort of person you need to be or become to make it work for you.

The most significant learning curve for me has been that to succeed in building an online business you have to be prepared for the fact3 that it takes time, consistent effort and the ability to overcome challenges. Accepting these things is the only reason I am still here, and not accepting these things is the main reason why most people who have started down this path are no longer on it.

When something goes a bit wrong or doesn’t work out how I would have liked it too, I can see it as part of the process rather than a sign to give up and start something different. Having that perception has enabled me to overcome many hurdles hiccups and challenges and be here 1 year on!

Becoming part of an online coaching program and having a mentor to help guide me has also been a very valuable part of this journey. Having a mentor has given me someone to go to when I am faced with hurdles and challenges but also a great help in remaining focused on what I am doing.

I have had to adjust my goals slightly as I have grown to understand how things work. Originally I wanted to be a position to give up my day job by January 2017. With the wonderful perspective of hindsight I can now see that may have been a little naive! So that goal is being pushed back by a year. All though the path has been long and winding, the direction of IncomeObjective has remained the same and it is now entering a very exciting time and I am very confident that the rest of this year and next are going to be awesome!

My brother has designed a logo (above) which is ready to go and with the help of my mentor I now have my first sales funnel set up and ready to go live with in the next few days. We intend on using facebook ads to drive traffic and really start growing my email list.

So all in all I feel it’s been a great year, a great start to my online business and the first of many more increasingly successful years!


Cheers 😀








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