Get Planning For A Productive Winter…


The nights are starting to draw in, it’s getting colder and thought of going into hibernation is becoming increasingly appealing! How you decide to spend your time during these months of hibernation can be the difference between success and failure.mittens-1177211_1920

I personally fully intend on coming out of my hibernation with my business much further forward. Have you spent any time thinking about what you want to achieve this winter?

Researchers have found that winter is actually a time for great productivity. I found this a little surprising at first as I have always thought about winter in terms of being snuggled up on the sofa with a good film, the fire blazing a sipping a creamy hot chocolate.

On reflection, it actually makes a lot of sense. Although this is the picture that comes to mind when I think about winter evenings, I very rarely do this, we don’t have a fire for a start! But I do stay, and spend more time at home. So with the calming down of social activity, there is a lot more time available to work on your business.

Now if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I am advocate of making sacrifices with things like social activities, in favour of working on your business, but in the winter that just becomes a little bit easier because you just naturally don’t go out so much, well I don’t anyway!

Whilst the opportunity to be more productive maybe more apparent, winter can for a lot of people be a bit of a struggle and staying motivated can be harder, so in preparation for the winter, I thought I would share some tips with you to stay motivated so you can have a super productive hibernation period and come out the other end full of the joys of spring!

Get outdoors every day; you need to see daylight. There is a tonne of research out there about how lack of daylight has a negative impact on the brain and in turn people’s mood. Some people are more susceptible to this than others, but going for a brisk walk and being outside in nature is always a positive way to spend your time. The healthier your mind is the more motivated and productive you will be.

 Keep active; again this is all linked in with healthy mind and healthy body. Exercise keeps you physically fit and healthy but it also keeps your mind and mental health fit and healthy. It also helps you to sleep better which we all know is important for both wellbeing and productivity.

Plan how you’re going to spend your spend time; it’s so easy once the nights draw in to set yourself up on the sofa in front of the fire (if you have one) and relish being cosy, and there is no reason why should do this but make sure it’s not at the expense wasting valuable time that you could be working on moving your business forward. The beauty of internet based business is that you can do most things from the comfort of your laptop.

Know what you’re working towards; have an idea about what you want to achieve and where you want your business to be come spring. Make sure you have a plan and make sure you work your plan. If you start now you can make some really good progress by the end of the year meaning you can start 2017 in a great position, let’s make it the most successful year yet!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and that you’re looking forward to making soe real progress this winter! Let me know what you want to achieve this winter in the comments box below!

Bye for now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Get Planning For A Productive Winter…

    • Positive health, both mental and physical has a massive impact on everything! Thats why you’ll find most successful people exercise and meditate. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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