GDN – The Facts Revealed

C6EAFEBD-5BAE-4BCE-802C-C3E600FEC107I was umming and erring about what to write about today, and seeing as I have spent the last week submerged in Google Display Network (GDN) ads I felt it made sense to do a post about this method of advertising and why (I hope) they will be much more effective than Facebook ads.

So if you’re like me then before anything you’ll want to know what it stands for;

Google Display Network.

Now I have never really tried any kind of Google advertising, in fact since starting to advertise online I have only ever used Facebook ads. I have had some success with Facebook ads and will absolutely be returning to them in the future.

DesignMy decision to change is purely financial; I currently only have $100 a month to spend on advertising and I want to make sure I am using that money as effectively as possible, and really to get the best out of Facebook ads you apparently need to be spending at least $300 a month.

The guy whom I’ve been learning all about GDN from is now one of the biggest and most successful people when it comes to online advertising making Millions, however he started with GDN with a budget of $2 a day! I like the sound of this!


So here are some facts about GDN which have encouraged me to give them a go and may well get you thinking about your advertising methods too…..

  • Google is arguably the biggest traffic provider on the internet, it certainly is the biggest traffic provider of targeted traffic, ie traffic that you want to buy
  • There are over 2 million websites that you can advertise on
  • You can use text ads, picture ads,video ads,  html 5 ads or a combination of any of these
  • You can start with a small budget and grow it as your ads start working
  • You can decide which websites you want to advertise on and where on that website your ad will be, for example if your product was about learning Spanish, you can advertise on a language website, but you could make sure your ad only appears on pages relevant to learning Spanish.
  • For a long time Facebook has been believed to offer the best targeting options. Not anymore! Google offeres laser specific targeting and Google knows more about users behaviours and has significantly more users so their knowledge base is significantly larger than Facebook and with GDN ads you get to tap into this!
  • Once you’re spending $10 a day Google will assign a rep to you who will help you get the best out of your ads on their platform
  • Google will match the amount of money you spend on advertising, so if you spend $150 they’ll give you $150
  • If you commit to getting good at GDN you can scale your ads and business to 8 figures a month!
  • It’s cheaper than Facebook with up to 10 times more traffic
  • It works for all business models and niches

Some pretty interesting facts i’m sure you’ll agree. I spent last week learning all about it, this week im going to putting what ive learnt into action, so keep your eyes peels for updates on how it’s going.

I’d love to hear what your paid traffic method is, and especally if you use used GDN, how youre finding it. Please leave a comment below!

Bye for now 🙂

4 thoughts on “GDN – The Facts Revealed

  1. Bit of an eye-opener this. Having used Facebook advertising without much success, but with a fair slice of theoretical training, I am in the process of choosing another platform I could move across to. This seems like fate and I will now look for some training on GDN and have a further look at the possibilities. My ad budget is very restricted so this looks a real option for me.
    This is a really interesting read. Thank you indeed.

    • Thanks Barbara, unfortunately my next blog post on Monday is going to be about why i’ve returned to Facebook ads for now. I had a telephone call with someone from GDN who informed me I need to be spending at least $20 a day o benefit in my niche. I am going to do further research into this and test the theory with alternative key words, but it’s all become so time consuming and I need to be doing some sort of advertising in the meantime! Bit of a bummer but i’ll keep you posted via my blog about what I find out. 🙂

  2. A well presented article about Google Display Network. So many people migrated away from Google Adsense to FB and it isn’t necessarily your best choice. I think it also depends a lot on your niche and how focused your keywords are when it comes to success in either ad network. A lot of good facts here about GDN. Thanks for taking the time to do this research.

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