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Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying this fine Sunday. Today is going to be a quick post, but I hope it will give you a lot value. It’s all about photos. Anyone who writes a blog or creates any kind of digital content, knows that it can be either quite difficult or expensive to blog-793047_960_720acquire good quality photo’s that are relevant to your content. Photo’s are a great way of emphasising what you’re trying say and making your content more interesting.

Just taking photos’ randomly off the internet and using them on your blog or website is a big NO NO!  You could potentially find yourself in a lot of trouble with copyright infringement laws. I am not going to go into that on this blog post because to be quite honest I would bore myself, let alone anyone else! What  am going to do though is give you a list of places where you can get great photos, that are free to use.


Google Images

Now I know I just said you can’t just take pics off the internet and whilst that does include ‘google images’, there is a little trick you can use to get around this. Once in google images you can change your search settings  by going to ‘search tools’, and then choosing the ‘usage rights’ tabs which is a drop down menu. Choose the ‘licence for reuse’ option and all the photos that are available from there are free for you to use. Here’s a screen shot of what I’m talking about…..



This is one of my faves just for ease of use and relevant photos. It also has graphics, icons, buttons etc. so a really good all-rounder. You can take a look here.


These guys add 50 new photos everyday, again easy to use, great quality and variety of photos. Check it out here


Morgue File

A bit of  creepy name, apparently a morgue file was originally the paper-folders containing old files and notes that were kept by criminal investigators, and old article clippings kept by newspaper reporters, in case they became of later use as a quick-reference. Now a days  the scope has expanded to cover many post-production materials for use of reference, or an inactive job files, this website refers to it’s self as the world wide web photographic morgue file, hence the name. You will need to register for an account for this one. Check it out here


This site is run by a guy called Viktor Hanacek, a professional photographer from the Czech Republic. There is an option to upgrade to premium membership for $7.50 a month. You’ll have to take a look and make that decision for yourself. You can take a look here


You get 10 new photos every day but you do have to subscribe, take a look here


Stock  Snap

Easy to use, great quality, hundreds of photos added weekly. Check it out here


Very popular with bloggers apparently. Lots of good quality images, wide variety, also an option to purchase a zip file with over 500 photos for about $10. Take a look here


The photos on this website are all provided by New York photographer Ryan McGuire. Get to the website here

Stok Pic

You can subscribe and photos sent directly to your in box or just use their search function. Take a peek here


IM creator

All free photos here, but some may require you to give credit to the photographer if you do decide to use it. Have a look here

ISO republic

Photos provided by Tom Eversly a British photographer. Take a look here

Kaboom pics

Cool photos, easy to use, check it out here

Life of pix

Not loads of photos but worth a look, visit the website here

Negative space

Again not loads of photos, but they are adding to them every week, take a look here



Good quality photos, option to have them delivered directly to you inbox. Have a look here

Snapwire snaps

You’ll need to sign up to this one, they add 7 new photos a week. Check it out here

Startup Stock Photos

I didn’t find this website that easy to use, the photos seemed a bit samey and I could find a search function, but still there are free photos available here

UHD Wall Papers

Advertised as wall paper but you could use the pictures how you would like. Check it out here


Travel based photographs. Some beautiful and amazing images on here, great if your into your travelling. If you’re not, you’ll want to be after look at these photos! Have a look here



Photo’s courtesy of Jeffrey Betts. Take a look here


Couldn’t find a search function on this one either, but some good photos all the same. See for yourself here


Run by Yahoo so you’ll need to have a Yahoo email address to sign to for this. Go Here

free digital

Free photos for you to use, but you do need to mention the photographer in a photo credit when you use it. Take a look here

So this should be enough photo stash to keep you going, you never need pay for a photo again. I hope you find this really useful, please share with your friends and colleagues and if you know of another source that I have missed out, then feel free to share in the comments box below.

Many thanks and bye for now 🙂

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