Do These ‘Done For You’ Options Really Work?


One of the strategies I am using to create and grow my digital business is something that I refer to as ‘The A-Taste-of-Koko-x-IZZE-4Done For You’ Strategy. I wanted to clarify exactly what this means as it could potentially be a bit misleading. However it does also sound very exciting and that’s because it IS! Keep reading to find out exactly what this approach means, what it saves you from doing and how you can benefit from it and really start to grow your digital business using it!

The term ‘Done For You’ conjures up images of sitting back on some kind of pool inflatable, sipping a cocktail and watching the money roll in, it does to me anyway! By that I mean it kind of implies that you don’t actually have to do anything in order to  see results. And unfortunately, within the internet marketing niche,  there are lots of products, marketers and businesses out there that will try and get you to part with your money by convincing you that this is the case.

So, this is where the clarification that I just spoke about comes in; It does NOT mean money for nothing!

Maybe I am doing myself and the system I use a disservice by referring to it as a ‘Done For You’ strategy, but they do actually provide so much for you, it’s tough to think of it as anything else.

So what is it that they do then?

In order for any digital business to be successful, it has to provide value to it’s customers and in the ‘make notebook-1757220_1920 (1)money online’ niche, which is the niche I am in, this is achieved by  providing information and products that teach and enable people how to do this, successfully obvs! These products can come in a variety of different forms such as reports/eBooks/videos/coaching packages to name a few.

As you may or may not know, one of the reasons I love the digital business model is because you can make these products once and sell them over and over again! However, actually making them in the first place, is a lot easier said than done. It can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. You might not have the skills, confidence, knowledge or tools to make these kind of products, and more importantly the kind of products that people want to buy. 

Even if you do go to all the effort required to create something, you then have to spend time testing your squeeze pages, sales pages and ad campaigns to see if they are effective too. Which by the way you have to create all of them yourself too, which is more time and money. Plus no guarantee that it will all work out, until you start to get really good at it!

So the service I use does all of this for you. They provide you with products to sell, more than that actually, they provide you with whole sales funnels! So the amount of time and money (and sanity) you save from this aspect alone in MASSIVE! But more than that, they will also provide you with sales pages and squeeze pages that have been fully tested so that you get the ones that have been proven to convert!

The only thing they don’t do for you is find your customers. This is what you have to do yourself. You have to traffic-966843_1920spend time and money getting these super awesome products in front of the right people, and get the right kind of traffic. But they show you how that too!

They will also show you how to do it without spending money, but in all honesty if you’re not prepared to spend money on getting traffic, then you’re not serious about creating and growing a successful digital business.

Back at the beginning of this post I mentioned that the ‘Done For You’ method is one of the approaches I am taking in growing my digital business. The other approach is the ‘Do It Yourself’ method, where I actually do everything myself; create my products and squeeze pages and test the ads. This is why I know how valuable the ‘Done For You’ approach is.  If you are serious about thumb-1013695_640creating and growing a successful digital business then these are skills you should invest in learning about at some point. However if you’re time poor and or not very technical, the ‘Done For You’ approach is a great way to get started. These products are so well made that  many people who already have successful digital businesses through making their own products do this is as well!

So to answer the question that this post is based on, yes this specific ‘Done For You’ approach does work – very well! If you want to find out more about it I would suggest starting here and watching this free video. This is where most people get involved and I for one I am so grateful I decided to do it!

Bye for now 🙂

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