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Hello, just a short bit of blurb from me today. In order to be successful you really have to think about how you spend your time. A question I am always asking myself is whether the way I am spending my time is worthwhile and constructive in helping me meet my goals. Sunday is the day when I do most of the food prep for the week. This means when I get home from work during the week I have a bit more time.

Today whilst doing my food prep I decided to get my iPad out and see if I could find anything inspiring to watch. I ended up watching a couple of TEDx talks. I love stuff that inspires me and leaves me feeling motivated and excited about achieving my goals.
This talk by Patti Dobrowolski did just that. Patti is a visual thinker and change activator, with a background in psychology and comedy – so of course she is going to be inspiring!

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching this and I hope you do too……

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