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What Is Audience Empathy And How To Make It Work For You

  Hi there, if you’ve seen my videos about the benefits of having a mentor you will know that I have access to weekly webinars through one of mine. If you havn’t seen them then get over to my YouTube channel and  Facebook Page and watch, like and subscribe! These webinars are valuable in so […]

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Why You Should Make A Content Posting Schedule

  Setting up your own business in any shape or form is hard work. That includes online businesses. There is often a misconception that having an internet based business is really easy and doesn’t take much effort. This is so very wrong! Any business takes hard work and commitment. I chose a digital internet based […]

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Quora Update

  Good afternoon! Today’s post is just a quick one to give you bit of feed back on how I am getting with Quora. I recently wrote a post about how it is a super valuable source of free traffic. I have been answering questions on there for a little while now. Admittedly I have not […]