Blueprint: Boost Your Website’s Income – Part 2; Listening Skills


Hello there, and welcome to part 2 of this mini-series on boosting your website’s income.  If you haven’t read part 1 yet, go and check it out!

How to utilise your listening skills is the tip for 3133347219_37b8cccdc3_othis post.Now this is something that you may or may not be doing, but if you’re not, give it a go because it can really make a big difference.

You will need a mailing list for this to work, and obviously the bigger the list, the more effective it can be.  Whether you are blogging, selling digital products or actual products you can tweak it to meet your requirements.

It’s basically a 3 step formula. Ask. Listen. Act. It really is that simple!

If you’re in the e commerce line of business, get in touch with your customers. Probably best to exclude any unhappy customers or ones that have returned items.

Send them an email, thanking them for their custom and asking them for a bit of feedback about why they have purchased from you, would they purchase again and, what would they like to see you sell in the future.

You can tailor the questions to meet your circumstances specifically, but you get the gist. You could offer some kind of incentive for them getting back to you, like 10% off their next purchase. The idea is to get back as much useful information as you can. Make sure you read it all and then ACT. This is the most important part, because this is where you boost your income.

UntitledListen to what people are asking you for, and then try and provide it to them. Follow up to their replies with the fact you have listened to them and taken action on what they have said. This will make your customers feel valued and special and will not only encourage them to continue to purchase from you, but they’re much more likely to recommend you to others too.

Now what if you’re into blogging and affiliate marketing rather than e commerce? Well you can make the  ‘Ask Listen Act’ formula work for you too. Again you will need a list of subscribers.

Email them and ask them what they like about your blog, why they subscribe and what sort of topics or information would they like to know more about.  You could ask them this as an opened ended question, or your could provide a selection of topics and ask them which one they would like to find out more about.

When you start getting your responses, provide them with what they want. The benefit of asking them to choose from a selection of topics that you have give them, is that you can make sure you have some good quality products that focus on this these topic areas. You can then blog about the subject and suggest these products, and maybe offer a discount as a thank you for giving feedback.

It’s a win win situation!

I hope you have found this helpful. If you’re just starting out do not have an established blog yet or a mailing list, check out the best place to go to get you up and running with these here.

Part 3 coming soon with some more tips to increase sales.


Bye for now 🙂


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