Are You Economy Proofing Yourself?


Hello everyone, I made a point to stop watching the news almost a year ago now. It rarely makes for happy viewing and I have to admit I feel much better for it. I do like keep up to do date with what’s going on though so I read the headlines from time to time on the websites I believe to be informative and more importantly, accurate. I was doing just this the other and came across this news article about  how awful the prospects are for wages over the coming years. I am based in the UK and this is where this article focuses on but i think it’s fair to say there is a lot of uncertainty globally right now so this blog post is relevant wherever you live. If you enjoy subjecting yourself to doom and gloom then you can access the article through the photo below.

For anyone who goes to work in exchange for wages and relies on this method of income to live, it does not make you feel great about the future. Unfortunately this is most people. It’s me, I go to work because I have to live.

However for me, I did not feel the anxiety and stress that I am sure this article instilled in a lot of people. It had a different effect on me, road-sign-808731_640it made me feel more motivated and more determined to work towards my goal of being financially independent and supporting and relying on myself. I have long believed that if you want a good quality of life or if your want to be in charge of your own life, the only real way of achieving this is by making it happen yourself. When you’re relying on external forces, such as your employer, to have the things you want, you have no control. You’re at the mercy of them, of the economy, of the government.

Control over your own life is probably the biggest reason why people get into internet marketing. Reading this article the other day just reminded me of just how important it is to achieving my goals and how not doing so will impact all areas of my life.

So I thought I would share it with you too. Not to make you feel depressed or stressed or anxious, but make you feel motivated and to remind you what’s at stake if you continue to rely on your job. I hope I have managed to do this, and you can see the value in working hard towards building and growing your own online business so you are not at the mercy of anyone else.

I thought I would also take the opportunity to update with you with my progress. Anyone who follows my blog knows that it is set up as a live case study in internet marketing and the process of building a business to become financially independent. I have recently gone live with Facebook ads as a method to start growing my email list. I posted a  couple of screenshots of my Aweber account which showed I had 1 subscriber (who was my mentor) and then a day or so after going live I had a list of 4 –  WooHoo!  Well, below is a screenshot of my Aweber account today;


So you can see it’s working! The sales side of things is slow but I am tweaking things to try and address this and will keep you posted. This is the reality of internet marketing, and that’s why i’m sharing. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time  and effort to grow and scale a business. But the sooner you get started the sooner you will find yourself in a position where you don’t need to worry about articles like the one we’ve talked about today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, please do get in touch and tell me why you got into internet marketing or if your read this article, how it made it you feel….use the comments box below.

Bye for now 🙂



5 thoughts on “Are You Economy Proofing Yourself?

  1. I like this, Vicky. It is wonderful to live in this age where the internet can offer us the chance to be independent of hand-outs, employers and government. You are right about it being a great motivator and I use it every day as I am retired from a J.O.B. and always have to be aware of the source of my income in the future.
    I enjoy your web-site and wish you all the best.

  2. Nice post and great progress! Don’t expect too much regarding sales from a tiny list. Just think about growing that list and continuing to produce really “usable” content. My first blog had about 150 subs and I was so depressed when I would email them and I felt like there was so little response.

    That’s totally normal. I know you’ll read about people making thousands of dollars from tiny 200 sub lists, but those are 200 people that actually purchased a product from them, not people joining lists for free.

    Really love how you are sharing your progress with us Vicky, keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Great article Vic and well done on your progress. I’ve been self employed for 15 years now and although it has often been hard (and still is to some extent with the hours I find I need to sit at my computer), at least as you say you are in control and your destiny is in your own hands, not someone else who could pull the rug from under you in a heartbeat. Looking forward to more updates.

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