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SEPTEMBER 2015: Hi there, I’m Vic; this is me here, in January 15 in the ancient town of Hoi An in Vietnam.  I was able to pay for myself and my partner to go, with money I had made on the internet. The picture of him is from our stay in Saigon. It was an amazing trip and ever since I have been trying to focus on increasing my income through the internet. This has been a winding road and not very structured, so I made the decision to get some focus! I want more trips like that one.

IMG_1826 IMG_2124I have set myself the goal to retire from my 9-5 job by January 2017.  So that gives me just over a year. Do-able? I think so. My go to phrase is ‘With a positive mind set, I can achieve ANYTHING!’ and I truly believe that.

How did I arrive at this point? And why now?

I’ve been a psychiatric nurse for the last 20 odd years. It’s been an interesting job to say the least, sometimes great, but mostly quite challenging and generally pretty awful! The thing that bugged me the most was the shift work, having to work nights, weekends and public holidays. Always having to work when everyone was out having fun or sitting down to enjoy Christmas dinner – it sucked big time!

I tried out lots of different things, to try and open some doors for me to leave, but nothing seemed to work. A few years ago I found some focus from somewhere, and used my nursing qualification to retrain as a public health nurse. I’ve been doing this role for a couple of years now and I love it. I don’t dread going into work, (which is an amazing feeling btw!) and I have finally reached my goal of no weekends, no nights and no public holidays.

Goal posts change though, and whilst I am happy in my work, I still do not have the time or the money to achieve the life style I really want.16836379782_701ab6b6ce_c

Back in 2013 I tried a little experiment. I wrote an eBook and published it via Amazon Kindle. The book took me about a week to write, and cost me about $10 in total, which was spent on a few photos in order to create the front cover. It surpassed all my expectations. For about the first year I was probably averaging about $300 a month from it. It was such a buzz!

For the last 2 years, that one week’s worth of time has consistently earned me about $60 a month. Now, I know that this is no great wow figure! But it’s what it represents that is important. I do absolutely nothing at all to bring in that $60. What if I had 2 books, or 5 or 10?

What this experiment did for me, was ignite a belief and a realization that you can actually make money online – quite a lot and quite easily too!

This experiment has exposed me to a whole new world, which I never really knew existed. It has shown me that there are huge numbers of people making excellent incomes and living their chosen life style, thanks to the internet. I’m like ‘I want a slice of that!’

This is where the goal came from and this is how ‘IncomeObjective’ was born. Why not me? Why not you?

I have tried out a few different ways of creating income streams and making money; selling things on Amazon, selling information products and using private label and private resell rights.

I have no special powers, insider knowledge or excessive bouts of luck. I am a regular person – probably much like yourself. I have seen and experienced that this can work, and have a fighting determination to build on my experience and reach my goal. Through IncomeObjective I am going to achieve this goal and share with you how I do it!

I don’t know a lot about making money on line, but I do know a little bit, and this is what I am going to build on and share with your. I have found a great community of people who also have the same drive and passion, who are helping me along the way. ‘Wealthy Affiliate‘ have been beyond helpful in supporting me to get going. You can read my review of what they offer here.

But in the meantime, watch this space; I would love to hear from you if you are on this journey. Maybe you’re thinking about starting it or maybe you’ve already started and had some success. Either way, share your advice and your experience; I am going to be doing the same…..
“All great things have small beginnings”


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jay says:

    Hey Vic,

    What a cool story about your e-book! Like you said, it’s nothing crazy. But all big things have small beginnings. I’d definitely say you should put more out there and see what happens!

    What would you say is the best way to go about starting writing an ebook? How do you pick which topic you feel people are going to want to read about?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your time and comment Jay. As with most things there are ‘evergreen’ subjects with books; weight/health, relationships, making money. I would advise to concentrate on something you are knowledgeable and passionate about at first, as this makes the process of writing a lot easier. Amazon make the process of publishing very easy through their ‘publish with us’ link at the bottom of their main page. Hope this answers your question 🙂

  2. Alblue says:

    Hi Vic

    It is absolutely make me inspired! Thank you for the sharing. I was having internal struggle whether I will go to make eBook or not, since imagination and writing are one of my good points.

    It is damn hard to publish your own book in my country, and the royalty fee system is well, just enough to fulfill your eating cost a month (unless, you produce so many novels with romance genre within a year, which is the only hot thing that sells well in my country -.- )

    I’m glad to hear people that earn good with making ebook. Do you have any reccomendation or maybe tutorial how and where should we upload the eBook to sell? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Alblue, thanks for commenting, I published my eBook through Amazon.com They make it very easy. I don’t know what country you are based in, but Amazon operates in most countries now a days I think. On their main page, if you scroll down to the bottom, there is a link that says ‘publish with us’. You will find the process of what to do there, it is quite straight forward. If writing is something that you are good and you enjoy, you should really give it ago. It doesnt cost anything so you really have nothing to lose!

  3. Syu says:

    Hi Vic, great story. Didn’t know publishing ebook can generate so much monthly. Would you say the amount you earn is the average of any ebook publisher wannabe or maybe you think you lucked out on that first try?
    Glad to hear that you are taking steps to retire from 9-5 jobs in 2 years time. Cheers and best of luck to you!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Syu and thanks for your question. I think that is a really hard question to answer! People’s success would depend on so many different things, such as their niche, whether its available in more than one format, how much marketing they do, the quality of their writing, and with amazon the amout of reviews you have can make a significant difference.

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