6 Product Ideas For Your Digital Business


If you read my blog, you’ll know I am a big fan of the digital business model, for various reasons which you can check out here. This is the method that I am using to reach  my goals and aspirations and also the method that I am sharing with you so you can achieve yours. Starting can be a bit overwhelming at times so I thought i’d give you a helping hand give you 6 ideas for products, that you can make once and then sell repeatedly as part of your business. These ideas can be adapted for any niche you may happen to be in, so dig in and take a look..


This is a very a popular digital product and also very easy to make and get to market. An eBook was the first digital product I ever made and to date my most ebook-528463_1920successful.  The success of my eBook was the basis for my decision to move forward and really knuckle down with this business model. eBooks can be about anything you want and as long or as short as you want. You can sell them on Amazon very easily via their self publishing platform or there are a huge array of other platforms that sell ebooks, but Amazon is the most popular and where people generally get the most success.


Again a very popular approach to digital products and they’re very easy to make. However the thought of video does scare a lot of people and puts them right off! It is something I am just starting to dabble with and I have to say video is really great for getting information across to your customers. Whether you are showing them how to do something or talking more in depth about a certain subject, or both, video is a very effective way of doing this. It’s also a great tool for building trust with your customers as it can help them feel like they are getting to know you personally rather that communicating with a faceless entity!


If you’re not ready to take the plunge with full on video, maybe recording some audio might be a way to ease yourself in gently. Lots of people love audio products because they can listen to them in the car or on their phones. This ease of access makes them  really popular. You can also use audio to double up on your value, so for example if you have made an ebook, you might want to include an audio recording of it too as an extra bonus, or vice versa


Printables are something that I have only recently become aware of but, they have been around for a while and there are people creating really successful il_340x270.1191964979_5ctobusinesses in this niche. They are basically downloadable graphics, and can come in a variety of different forms such eye catching sayings or phrases, to do lists, tables and charts, business plans, infographics, workbooks, and so on. You can create them quite easily using platforms such as canva and picmonkey. Again they can be adapted for various niches and in my experience tend to be sold mainly via sites like etsy. They are also really good as lead magnets and bonuses to thank customers.


Platforms like Teachable and Udemy have helped elearning courses become wildly successful for both learners and entrepreneurs.There are pros and cons of using these platforms to sell your course. The main benefit is that they are very well known so you can easily get your course in front of people who are looking for exactly what you are selling. The disadvantages though are that these platforms are now very well known and competition inside is fierce so your course needs to really stand out above the others. Plus the platform will take a percentage of your earnings I believe this is quite a big percentage. My suggestion would always be concentrate on building your own tribe and following of fans and marketing all you products to them.

Membership site

Maybe not for people who are just starting out but absolutely something to work towards. A great business model within a great business model. Membership sites can be hard work but extremely effective if you do them right. Check out Carrie Green’s Female Entrepreneur Association as a great example. This is going to be the next strategy I will be pursuing to move IncomeObjective forward.


So there are some ideas to gt started with, once you start giving them a go I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple they are to begin! Get in touch and let me know how you’re getting on or if you have any questions.


Bye for now 🙂

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