4 Steps To Wealth (& A Secret 5th One)!

Hey! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been spending my time working on other things that will directly help me grow Income Objective in 2019. Putting down solid foundations you could say. That is a story for another day, however I thought I would I start the first blog of the year with something relevant to my and probably your end goal; getting wealthy.

Self-development and learning is a necessary and integral part of achieving this as a goal and so today I watched training on the subject of the title of this blog post.

At the end of it they recommended summarising what I had learnt by writing t down and sharing it as a way of really consolidating the learning that had taken place. So I thought by doing this, I could also make a cool first blog of the year post.4q

So you may have seen this before if you have read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad. The premise is that there are 4 quadrants of wealth, however the training I went through today looks at it from a different perspective. Plus it has an extra secret quadrant!

As you can see in the diagram the 4 quadrant are now broken down into the following headings:

  • Time for money
  • Time for money
  • Human resources for money
  • Money for money

I know that 2 quadrants are entitled exactly the same, don’t worry it’s not a typo. What I will do is explain what each one means, how it can make you wealthy as well as the pros and cons, then I will reveal the 5th secret aspect. Now these are not mutually exclusive, for example I am in 3 of the 4 quadrants!

Time for money. Also known as being an employee who earns a salary. This is the quadrant that most people will relate to and where most of us are. In a nut shell this means you exchange your time for money; you go to work and get you get paid. So, is it possible to get wealthy whilst in this quadrant? In my opinion this is not the best quadrant to be in to pursue a goal of wealth however it is possible as I time-1558037_1920learnt today and here’s how. You need to get really really good at what you do, know your trade or the company you work for inside out and make yourself massively valuable. Think CEO or managing director of big corporations. You’re basically at the top of your game and too good to be ignored and your salary reflects that. In order to achieve this you have to be in the sort of company or business that will pay high salaries. I’m in nursing; never going to happen!

Time for money. This is the same as the above in that you take a salary, however in this scenario you are paying yourself. You work for yourself, and you’re a one man show. Maybe you’re a consultant or a business owner and you make your money by giving people your time and expertise. The benefit of this one is that you do not have to negotiate your salary; you’re in charge so you decide. However you’ll need to be good at marketing and selling your skill or expertise to ensure you’re making enough in order to pay yourself your chosen salary and keep yourself and business going. On the plus side you can get tax benefits and use these to your advantage

Human resources for money. This is where you’re a business owner and you employ people. You leverage the time and effort of your employees to run the business and keep the money coming in. This frees up your time to spend on other areas of the business or other areas of your life and it’s up money-2696219_1920to you how much you pay yourself.  However you have the responsibility of paying your employees, so you indirectly have a lot of responsibility to not only your employees but also their families who may be fully reliant on the income earner being employed by you and your company.


Money for money. This is where you are using your money to make money, in other words you’re an investor. This is a good place to be in if you have the money to invest. It is worth noting though that in this scenario though you are also using your time; to be a good investor you need to keep up to date with trends and keep an eye on your investments. In order to do this well you have to dedicate a lot of time into education and research. So really this is ‘time and money for money’

This is where the secret 5th path to wealth occurs; the secret 5th way is a combination of the last 2;

Human resources and money for money.  This is where you get other people to do your investments for you, you hire someone to make your investments and keep track of them. They spend their time and effort doing all the research and keeping an eye on the latest trends. They use their expertise to make investment on your behalf.  You get a report every month or whatever telling you what they’ve done and how much money they have made you. I LIKE the sound of this!

So there you have it, the 5 Paths to wealth, I use affiliate marketing as one of my income streams and by doing this I am therefore including myself in the second time for money category.

What path to wealth are you currently walking and which one would you like to follow? If you want to find out more about working for yourself, affiliate marketing is a great place to start and you can get everything you need to by signing up to watch my free video the truth about affiliate marketing.

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