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How Did August Workout For You?

  This month’s review is going to be short and sweet as I am in the middle of the Quick Start Challenge. We are just at the start of week 2 and I am busy creating a new lead magnet for this weeks task. I am making daily videos about my progress and posting them […]

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The Quick Start Challenge – 30 Days To Success!

  Welcome to the world of the Quick Start Challenge! I am so very excited to be writing this blog post and telling you about what I am going to be doing over the next 30 days to move my business forward! If you’re a fan of my Facebook page you will know that I […]

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Do These ‘Done For You’ Options Really Work?

  One of the strategies I am using to create and grow my digital business is something that I refer to as ‘The Done For You’ Strategy. I wanted to clarify exactly what this means as it could potentially be a bit misleading. However it does also sound very exciting and that’s because it IS! […]