1st Day Of Spring – Time For A Review

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Hello everyone! Here in the UK it’s officially the first day of spring, which should mean sunshine, daffodils and baby lambs frolicking in the16282719395_793d9df0a4_o fields. The reality of that is a little different, and although the daffodils have been out since early January due to a  mild winter,  I’m sat here this morning with the heating on looking out to a cold grey day!

For me the start of spring also means something else which has nothing do with the weather. Because spring is traditionally a time of new beginnings and a time that naturally creates feelings of hope and excitement for the year ahead, it is a perfect time to review your progress and goals. This should be an integral part of anyone’s plan to make sure you are staying on target.

For me personally I like to review my goals every 3-4 months. The last time I reviewed my goals was in January which was also my birthday (a kind of big one too!) and I was just setting out on a new journey to start making money online. I have learnt a lot so far already.

This is what I have achieved so far;
  • I have learnt about and understood the importance of creating a lead magnet in order to start building a list
  • I have created my first lead magnet
  • I have set up my funnel and auto responder so I am now ready to start building my list
  • I have started using Mind Meister to get ideas down for my first product

For someone who is not too technical this is a great achievement – especially the whole funnel and auto responder part!

Back in October I set myself some specific goals, and over the last 6 months or so these goals have evolved and developed. My ultimate goal of being in a position to leave my 9-5 by January 2017 still stands, but my path to getting there has changed. Wealthy Affiliate is still part of that and I am bringing in money every month using this method. My Amazon venture is drawing to a natural end as I am down to my last 100 products to sell and then I will not be replacing them. I wrote a post about the pros and cons of digital vs physical products , a while back and have decided to focus on digital, which is why I am not pursuing the Amazon path any longer.

So time to commit to my next lot of goals. By writing them down and committing to them in such a public way I am scientifically proven to increase my likelihood of achieving them! A bit more about that here.

So these are my goals for the next couple months;
  • to build my list to at least 500 people
  • to create and launch my first product
  • to get a blueprint in place for my first subscription site

So there you have it, 3 specific targets which I will come back to in 3-4 months, so July at the latest to review how I am getting on with these.

You know just thinking about these and writing them down is so exciting and motivating! Plus that spring time feeling is making me feel like I can achieve anything! Here is to an awesome next couple of months! Get your goals written down, get excited and start taking action! Let me know how you’re getting on!


Bye for now 🙂

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