How Much Is Spent Online In 60 Seconds…..?


We all know the power of the internet and that is why so many of us are trying to use this power to our advantage to become financially independent. My personal preference in doing this is via digital and information products. You can read why this is my preference here in a previous post about digital Vs physical products.

However there is no denying that Ecommerce is booming business. The folks over at Red Stag Fulfilment have put together a fascinating infographic about what happens every 60 seconds online in the Ecommerce world. They were even kind enough to write the introduction to it. So thank you to them, and i hope you enjoy…….

Internet Ecommerce means that the world is basically an online shopping portal and you can order almost anything you want and get it quickly, regardless of where you happen to be in relation to the merchant who is selling you the item.

You already know this and are probably one of the millions shopping online in this way, but what you might not be aware of is the scale of the transactions.

What happens in 60 seconds of online Ecommerce is that just under $4 million is spent worldwide every minute, there are over half a million app downloads from the Apple store and 30 pairs of shoes run through the checkout on eBay.

These are just some of the fascinating facts and figures that demonstrate just how integral Ecommerce has become to our shopping habits.


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