10 Rules For Success – 2 Richard Branson

10 Rules For Success


Richard Branson is offering up his top ten tips for success in number 2 of the series. He’s a self made man and a very successful business man by anyone’s standards. We could all benefit from listening to him! And did you know he’s dyslexic just proving that if you have the faith in yourself and put your mind to it, anything is possible! Enjoy this quick vid…..

So there you have it. Thank you to Evan Carmichael and his inspiring YouTube Channel. Just to summarize, here are Richards top ten tips…..

1. Keep it simple
2. Give it a try
3. Be a leader
4. Don’t give up
5. Delegate
6. Treat people well
7. Shake things up
8. People will be skeptical
9. Affect lives positively
10. Do things differently

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