10 Rules For Success Series – 5 Steve Jobs

With today being the day for the brand new release of the iphone X it seems appropriate to do this weeks ’10 Rules for success’ post for Steve Jobs. Arguably he is one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and visionaries. He achieved so much before his untimely death who know what he could have gone on to do. We can certainly all learn a lot from his 10 Rules For Success.

6 thoughts on “10 Rules For Success Series – 5 Steve Jobs

  1. What a great set of clips. Some really helpful stuff here. I really like the ‘build a great team’. I would add that if you are not in the position to build a great tem just yet…. join ome!

  2. I love this video, Vic. All of Jobs’ 10 Rules For Success are so important if you want to build a real, sustainable business online. Rule #6 ‘Don’t Do it for the Money’ is a particular favourite of mine. When building your business it’s so important to give your subscribers free, valuable content so they can then get to know, like, and trust you. As long as you continue to look after your subscribers they will often turn into your customers.

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